You’ve probably heard of the successful movie Bird Box that Netflix released recently. Using a new social media strategy, Netflix generated 45 million views within a week alone.

There were no trailers, no billboard posters and no television previews. Yet, Bird Box was everywhere. You couldn’t log into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram without seeing at least one post about the movie or a blindfolded Sandra Bullock meme.

Clearly, Netflix’s approach Netflix worked very well. Even when people compared the movie to John Krasinzki’s A Quiet Place.

If you’re wondering what we think you’re wondering, then you’re in the right place. Let’s find out exactly how Netflix made a movie that, despite less than positive critical reviews, still managed to be so successful.

Netflix: Becoming their Own Fan

In 2008, Netflix became its own super fan. They organized a marketing survey where they used over 80% of their two billion marketing budget on Netflix original titles.

It seemed as though social media was the key to catapulting their titles into the online conversation. Netflix changed its brand to be more like an audience instead of an authoritative platform.

They started promoting movies and TV shows as if it were a fan. This change in voice made it possible for Netflix to develop a relationship and have conversations with their fans.

So, How Did it Work?

If you come across something called the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ or a bunch of Bird Box memes then you can be sure that it was made up by Netflix themselves. They are the best when it comes to generating their own meme content.

In fact, since the movie was released, there are countless social media accounts related to Bird Box. Netflix generated organic memes themselves which fans used later to create even better ones.

By using platforms such as Twitch and asking players to do the Bird Box Challenge before the movie even came out helped spread the word on social media.

TikTok users came up with their own unique and funny videos, as did Youtube. There really was no end to the memes which spread like wild fire. By the end of the first week, Bird Box had reached 45 million views!

Amplifying Fan-Made Memes

Netflix amplified fan-made memes by retweeting and sharing them. By doing this, they amplified their own audience voice even further.

It’s no secret that a good meme will blow up on its own, but when Netflix themselves guarantees it, then its reach is far higher.

All Netflix had to next was to choose the best ones and retweet or share them and the rest was history.

Collaboration with Famous Brands and Influencers

Another great idea is to collaborate with famous influencers and brands. Netflix lets different brands take over their social media accounts so that they can post content related to the movie they’re promoting.

In the case of Bird Box, Netflix teamed up with a famous meme group called the BirdRightsActivist. This group shares posts, news and pop culture references from the point of view of a bird.

Seeing as how their name and brand is so relevant to Bird Box, this was too good of an opportunity to miss. The social media takeover resulted in some of the funniest and most authentic memes. Not only that, it poked fun at the movie from a Netflix profile itself which made it far more relatable.

Anybody Can Do it, You Can Too!

The social media strategy that Netflix used to swing between being a meme curator to a meme creator was a huge success.

Making Bird Box become the face of pop culture conversation can be taken as inspiration for aspiring content creators as well.

In this era of digital marketing, you too can benefit from taking a few suggestions and using your relationships with up and coming influencers to fuel your own content.

Become One With the Fans

Think of your own platform as a mere observer of content. Instead of being a producer, you can hype up your own shows in a way a fan would.

That being said, don’t let it go too far. The key point is to transform your social media account into an authentic persona that makes total and complete sense with the brand image you’re picturing.

Remember to Give Something Back

Since you’ll be collaborating with fans, it’s vital you give something back to them as well. You can do this by either making it possible for them to amplify their own accounts or pages or using their meme content.

A perfect example of this is when Netflix used a scene from Velvet Buzzsaw to let fans create their own memes. By offering a blank base or a template for the fans to create unique memes can be a great way to encourage engagement.

Use Influencers to Influence

Finally, working with up and coming or already famous influencers can be an awesome way to promote your brand. They don’t necessarily have to be meme makers, larger influencers can help give your content a life outside the meme world as well.

Final Thoughts

On top of creating memes and promoting your brand, it’s equally important that you find a way to connect with your fanbase. Building meaningful relationships by doing collaborations and sharing knowledge and content can be an amazing thing.

This type of relationship between fans and creators can be super rewarding. Bird Box is a great example of this and the marketing strategy will be used as inspiration for years to come.

There’s no end to how successful your content can be when you break down the barriers between the producer and the fans.

The most important thing you have to remember is to have fun!

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