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6 Stylish Ways to Wear Bling with Your Attire

Do you start your day with throwing irrational tantrums about not having anything to wear? Well, you are not alone because women all over the world face this predicament every day. According to a survey by Marks & Spencer, women spend an average of 16 minutes a day (equivalent to 4 days a year) fretting over what to wear. 62% of the women surveyed said that they suffered from wardrobe
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Accessories for Men: A Must-Read Guide

By Swara Segal A gentleman’s wardrobe defines his personality. Though men spend most of their time selecting the best outfits for various occasions, it is accessories that have the power to enhance a person’s overall look, adding class and detail to his wardrobe. With the countless selection of men’s accessories and the diverse styling options available these days, finding the right set of accessories can be an extremely challenging task