By Swara Segal

A gentleman’s wardrobe defines his personality. Though men spend most of their time selecting the best outfits for various occasions, it is accessories that have the power to enhance a person’s overall look, adding class and detail to his wardrobe.

With the countless selection of men’s accessories and the diverse styling options available these days, finding the right set of accessories can be an extremely challenging task for men.

If you want to look and feel dapper on all occasions, here are seven useful and time-tested tips that will set you apart from other men.

1. Wear a Watch with Style

Besides telling you the time, watches reveal your personality and lifestyle. Consequently, when collating your outfit for any occasion it is critical that you take time to consider the type of watch you will wear.

Select a timepiece that matches the formality of the occasion. For instance, analog and dress watches look classic and formal and can be worn for a business meeting or a date. On the other hand, digital watches are casual and can be worn along with smart casual or workout attire.

Watches with metal bands and leather straps are versatile and can be worn on almost any occasion. Unless you want to attract undue attention, stick with a good wristwatch brand with a conservative design.

It is also wise to match your watch strap with the material and color of your shoes and belt. For instance, a watch with brown leather strap looks classy with brown shoes and belt.

2. Let Your Eyewear Do the Talking

Sunglasses do more than merely protecting your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They add a confident charm to your personality and definitely attract attention.

Finding the right shape of eyeglasses and shades that accentuate your natural facial contour can be a daunting task. Consider visiting a professional eyewear shop to try a variety of frame styles and invest in a modish pair that complements your look.

Even if you enjoy perfect eyesight, try wearing non-prescription spectacles with an attractive frame to get the serious and arresting look at work.

3. Add Extra Swagger by Wearing Smart Neckwear

Bow ties, ascot ties (similar to cravats), neckties, and scarves are the most common men’s neck accessories that add color and style to the overall outfit.

Ties aren’t only for offices and board meetings anymore! Regardless of whether you are preparing for an interview or laying out a look for an evening party, neckties allow you to pull your wardrobe together with a touch of sophistication.

Ties are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics, adding style to formal as well as casual attire. For instance, a patterned or a solid narrow necktie when worn using the classic four-in-hand knot looks extremely stylish when coupled with jeans and boots.

Another neck accessory that adds variety and color to your wardrobe is a scarf. Scarves not only protect your neck area from the harsh winters but also make you look smart and attractive. Neutral shades, namely black, gray, and beige work best with a variety of colors. However, you can also experiment with a few bright colors and patterns to create an interesting look.

4. Wear Minimal yet Stylish Jewelry

Regardless of whether you are attending a casual or a formal occasion, men’s bracelets, necklaces, and rings look trendy and attractive, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

When selecting the most appropriate jewelry for a particular occasion, a useful rule of thumb to keep in mind is that men’s jewelry must always be subtle, understated, and less flashy in comparison to that of women. Moreover, remember to match the color of your jewelry with your watch to create a synchronized look.

Choose smart pieces of jewelry that make a style statement, yet do not shout for attention. Jewelry with distressed metal finishes is in vogue as they aren’t too showy and look classy. A metal ring on the index or middle finger and/or a combination of bracelets made from different materials (wood/metal/gems) will definitely get you a lot of attention.

5. Remember: Hats Speak Louder Than Words

Hats are a symbol of style and vanity in the men’s fashion world. This versatile piece of fashion accessory is more of a statement piece, highlighting your personality and lifestyle.

Depending on the occasion, you can choose from a variety of hats, namely the Homburg, the Panama, the Fedora, the Top Hat, the Pork Pie, the Boater, or the Beanie.

For instance, a dapper Fedora or a Homburg hat goes well with formal business attire. On the other hand, the Panama straw hats are slightly less formal and can be worn in tropical countries as they are highly capable of handling the heat. Consequently, Panama hats are often worn in the summer season or on a beach.

Black, brown, white, beige, grey, olive, navy blue, or tan hats are a great addition to your wardrobe as these colors can be paired with different color shades that are incorporated in your garments.

Hats go a long way in enhancing your personality, adding an extra dose of smartness and confidence to your overall attire.

6. Match Your Bag with Your Attire

According to the National Research Diary Panel Inc. (The NPD Group), the men’s bags segment has been seeing a double-digit growth owing to its increasing acceptance as an important men’s fashion accessory. Men are replacing their stiff and dreary briefcases with fashionable messenger bags, totes, satchels, and backpacks, making them look bold, confident, and organized.

A good-quality bag can add sophistication to your personality and also prove to be a useful accessory for several years. Invest in a few casual bags (backpacks and barrel bags) and formal bags (leather satchels, backpacks, and totes) that can be matched with your outfits.

7. Pay Attention to Your Footwear

The footwear you choose must match and accentuate the rest of your attire. Include four quintessential shoes in your wardrobe, namely formal leather dress shoes (black and brown), a sleek pair of running shoes, and sneakers.

Leather shoes are highly comfortable and can be worn on all formal occasions. A pair of white sneakers looks classy when worn along with dark-wash jeans and tees. Sneakers can be worn on casual events, low-key weekends, and parties too, making it an absolute must-have for every man who desires to live in style and comfort.

The right accessories can add style and magnetism to the most ordinary outfits. The above-mentioned men’s accessorizing tips will help you choose the most fitting accessories for formal and casual occasions, taking your look from dull to dashing.

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