By Blake Slade

There is no doubt that changing a car tire is bound to happen at some point in life. Sooner or later, everyone has to face it; changing the car tire. The incident can catch up with you on the roadside or at a petrol station.

Wherever it happens, it is always vital to keep calm and think of the next step. Well, for most people who have never changed a car tire, it comes as a shocking event in life. In the current century, there past centuries, some drivers would consider stopping by the roadside to offer help.

However, times have changed because of the nature of human beings. It is not safe to allow a stranger to come to help as you may not know who the stranger is. To be safe, you need to learn how to change a car tire.

Here are a few, simple steps to get you started and finished on the entire process.

1. Have the named items in your car

You must ensure that you always have the following items in your vehicle. These items will always save the day in such situations:

l Jack

l An inflated spare tire

l The car’s manual

l A lug wrench

You may have misplaced these items or forgot to bring them with you while you drive. In such scenario, you have to replace them because, without these items, you will not be in a position to replace your car tires. It is also prudent to regularly, inflate the new tire.

2. Locate a flat, safe and stable space

Where ever the car tire burst finds you; you must consider finding a secure location before changing it. This is because safety must always come first in life. In a world of theft and criminals, consider your safety along the highway, petrol station or just along the road. According to Car Care Ninja, Flat ground is an additional aspect to observe as the surface makes it possible for you to turn on emergency lights. Avoid rugged terrain and hills as the hazard lights must be seen from a distance.

3. Apply your parking brake and ‘park’ the car in a suitable position

Supposing you have a standard transmission; you can put your car in reverse. After that, consider inclining a heavy object before the front and back tires. These objects can be rocks, a spare wheel or concrete. The procedure seeks to support the car from rolling over. At this point, your flashers must be on. They will help other drivers spot you on their way. This is often done to avoid accidents. Immediately you realize the need to pull over, your flashers should be on.

4.Remove the wheel cover

If your car has a hubcap that covers the lug nuts, you will find it easier to remove the hubcap before elevating the vehicle using the jack. Supposing the lug nuts are exposed, move to the next step below. If not, use the flat end of the lug wrench to unplug the hubcap. For most vehicles, this usually works. Consulting the manual for removal procedures is prudent.

5. Unscrew your lug nuts

You can use the lug wrench to turn your lug nuts. To shatter the resistance, turn them counterclockwise. Apply force and use your foot and body weight to achieve this.

6.Move the jack beneath the car

Refer to your manual for the proper location of placement. Also, identify the procedure for working the jac Ideally, it is supposed to be as easy as spinning a crank. Hoist the jack to link up with the car’s frame. Expand the jack and let it hit 6 inches off the ground.

7. Unscrew the lug nuts

You will need the lug nuts to secure your spare tire. Ensure that they are safe after unscrewing. After that, take out the flat tire from your hub and grab it with your hands. This must be handled safely. Pull the tire towards you.

8. Align the spare tire with the lug bolts

Usually, the lug bolts are exposed. Align them with the spare tire. Consider jerking it in place. From there, gently, replace your lug nuts. Apply force to ensure that it is fixed in place.

9. Lower the jack

Carefully, lower the jack until it touches the ground then remove it.

10. Tighten your lug nuts

Using a wrench, pull your weight together and tighten your lug nuts. Ensure even alignment by using a start pattern. After that, replace your hubcap. That is if you own one.

Make sure your pressure is checked- check the pressure on the spare tire. Use a tire gauge to do so. You can now drive to a station for surety. Well, that should be all when it comes to changing tires. You can check into a repair shop with your flat tire. Have it fixed before you drive off.

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