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Auto: 5 Tips to Acquire Car Title Loans Fast

By Leslie Villanueva

In a situation where you need money urgently, you have to explore companies that can lend to you without many restrictions. One of these options is car title loans which, unlike bank loans, don’t take a lengthy process. With a title loan, you can access instant cash as you only need to pledge the car title as security against the loan.

To acquire a car title loan fast, here are some tips you should consider:

1. Do some homework

With so many lending companies out there that are willing to give you a loan, you might want to look at the best option among them. Your research should focus on the benefits each of these companies offer to applicants including interest rates and ease of approval. Look for the company with the best rating as far as ease of approval is concerned. This will almost guarantee you a loan after you have submitted your application.

2. Take good pictures of your car

This being a negotiating point for the loan, you need to show all the features of your car clearly. Take good photos and opt for natural lighting. Don’t attempt to add any filters as this will make the lender doubt the authenticity of your claims. Maybe ensure the car is cleaned well before the photo shoot. Take photos from all angles and ensure to show different areas including the engine and its cabin.

3. Avail all required documents

To speed up the processing of your loan, you should visit the lender with all the required documents ready. Some of the basic documents that you need for car title loans include your car title, which should be in your name (although some lenders will accept if registered with a group of people or someone else as long as there is proof). You also need a valid driver’s license, proof of income, and proof of residence.

4. Submit an application online

The easiest way you can apply for a car title loan is through the website of the lender. Almost every company in the business has an online portal through which you can apply for a loan. You only need to upload all the documents needed plus the information asked for. You will find an agent to help you through the process, which should take a few minutes and you don’t need to travel to present the information physically.

5. Ensure the car is in good mechanical condition

Using a vehicle with mechanical problems might deny you an opportunity to get a car title loan approved. You should check for any broken parts and mechanical issues to ensure they are fixed before submitting your application. Market value is calculated from the year of manufacture, general condition, mileage, and model.

Getting a car title approved is one of the easiest things. The only thing you need is to ensure the lender gives you a good deal. Check their rating and follow procedures that will help you to get good rates. Before you send your application, consider the condition of the car. It should be mechanically sound as lenders might have a problem accepting a car that is not in good condition. Also, clean it before taking photos.

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