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Auto: How to use Car Drying Towels Perfectly?

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Want to keep your car looking new for many years? Then you need to ensure that you clean your car both on the interior and exterior. Whether you take your car to the car wash or wash it at home, it is crucial to ensure that you dry it thoroughly. What method do you use to dry your car?

If you love your car, you should not overlook the drying process. It doesn’t matter the type of car that you have, knowing how to dry it well can improve the look of your car. Have you ever considered using a drying towel for your car?

This is one of the best ways you can keep your car dry without water spots. This guide provides you with essential tips that will help you know how to use a car drying towel perfectly.

Important Tips When Washing Your Car

Did you know that most of the damages that happen on your car’s exterior are self-induced? It could be that you are using the wrong cleaning products that lead to dull pain, swirl marks, and fine scratches. If you want to keep your car looking great, here are some essential tips you should know when washing your car.

Have two buckets of water; one to hold soapy water while the other one clean water to rinse your car’s exterior.

· Always start washing the wheels first.

· Use a microfiber bug scrubber sponge to deal with birds, tar and sap spots.

· If the vehicle is dirty, rinse frequently.

· Wash on a warm day to prevent the occurrence of spots.

· After washing and rinsing your car, dry it and then park it in the shade.

The Perfect Way to Dry Your Car-Use a Car Drying Towel

Drying your car is equally important as cleaning it. Using a car drying towel is one of the most effective ways you can dry your car after washing. When you have thoroughly rinsed your car and removed all the oil, grease and dirt, get a nice car drying towel to dry your car.

By this, I don’t mean the old bath towel lying in your house. Note that bath towels are made of a heavy polyester thread which is sturdy way more than still. This is not a good option to dry your car because it can damage the vehicle’s paint.

Get a microfiber towel that is specifically designed to dry cars. They feature waffle-weave textures and absorb water correctly. Additionally, they are durable as compared to using a terry cloth. Other advantages of using a microfiber towel include:

· It can be used for polishing, drying, and buffing

· Reduces swirls, marring and doesn’t affect the paint

· Excellent water absorption

Effective Towel Drying Techniques

When you are using a microfiber towel, you don’t have to worry about anything because it will do all the work for you. Its primary purpose is to absorb liquid so do not use it for scrubbing or rubbing. If you do not want to end up with streaks, ensure that you do not rub the microfiber towel on your car’s exterior. To get the best results, use the following techniques to dry your car perfectly after washing.

a) Swipe and drag technique

This is a nice method if you want to dry your car quickly. It is pretty simple to apply this method because you just need to pull or swipe the towel on the surface of your car. This method works well but its downside is that it can lead to miniature swirls.

b) Drop and soak technique

This is another way in which you can dry your car with a microfiber towel. In fact, this method is highly recommended and many car users love it. You just need to lay the towel gently on the surface of the car and then allow it to soak the water. When the water is absorbed, take the towel and then place it on another part to absorb water. The method is effective because it does not create swirls or marring.

Final Words

Cleaning your car frequently ensures that your car is looking neat and new. Not only do you need to clean your car but also dry it the right way. After going through this guide, I know you now have ideas on how to use a car drying towel perfectly. Once you wash and dry your car, it is important to spray your car to revive the waxed shine and boost the life of the wax. You can also visit Top Chooser Blog to find more details.

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