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Auto: 9 Car Cleaning Myths Debunked!

More than 50% of the people in the world know how to drive a car. But that doesn’t mean that they everything about cars. As many companies are designing detergents, formulas, dryer, and blowers to clean the car, it has become quite confusing to decide which the best way to clean the car is. So, the next time you see an ad mentioning best Car dryer blower for your car then don’t trust them right away.

Here, we are going to debunk the common myths regarding the cleanliness of your car.

Myth 1: Dishwashing Detergents are Good Enough:

You might have seen various commercial that states that the detergents used for dishes have the capability to clean the car. But don’t trust them; if car cleaning is so easy then no-one would make a profession out of the job. The detergents contain harsh chemicals that would wipe away the paint of the car too. Plus, the detergents are hard soap, thus you will be accelerating the oxidation process which will eventually initiate the rusting process. So, you better use the products which are specifically made for car-washing.

Myth 2: Washing and Cleaning are Same Terms:

Nowhere in the world, had these terms the same meaning. So, it is better that you learn this too. They might sound familiar yet there is a big difference. Washing is done to remove the loose contaminants from the car such as dust, bird droppings, etc. On the other side, cleaners such as Scratch XTM are used to clean the car. This will remove the stains, blemishes and other contaminants that bonded with the paint which can’t be cleaned with a bucket of water.

Myth 3: Only Detailing/Service Center Can Clean the Car Properly:

People often get confused with detailing and cleaning. When someone states that your car needs cleaning, that doesn’t mean that it needs detailing. During detailing, every part of the car is checked thoroughly to ensure that everything is working properly. But for cleaning, you can take your car to a cleaner and they will clean it for you. They even use professional Car dryer blower for your car. But if you want to save the bucks, you can wash your car in your garage too.

Myth 4: Shine is Clean:

Many car owners misunderstood shine with cleanliness. Your car might be shining but you can never be 100% sure. Have you ever run your hand over the body after washing it? If you have, then you know that a car might seem clean but it is not as clean as it seems. There are microscopic elements that stick to the surface which can only be cleaned with stuff like clay bar. You don’t need to leave this job on to Professional hands.

Myth 5: Any Piece of Cloth will work:

No people, it is a big no. Every car owner must keep this in mind that only 100% cotton, premium microfiber towel, or terry cloth towels must be used to clean the car. Avoid using any other material as it will harm the paint.

Myth 6: Waxing is the Solutions for Swirl Marks:

The Scratches can’t be removed by waxing. To eliminate the scratch marks, you will need non-abrasive paint cleaner. For moderate scratches, only a professional can recommend the perfect material for that. So, it is advised that you never rely on Waxing to resolve the swirl marks. The professionals will get to the bottom of the scratch and analyze its intensity; only then the perfect remedy will be appointed.

Myth 7: Let Air Dry the Car:

If you have spent hours to clean your car, then don’t rely on air to dry it. If you have just cleaned your car with water and you leave the water as it is, then you will surely regret this. Usually, the watermarks are left after the air-drying which will look very bad. So, instead of letting your car dry in air, use a soft microfiber cloth to absorb the water. You can also use a sponge or squeegee to remove the water.

Myth 8: Wax polish last longer than Year:

Waxing is done to protect the original paint of the car. But if you have the misconception that car wax lasts almost a year, then you are wrong. Even the best quality wax only last up to 4-5 months maximum. Just think about everything your car faces including rain, snow, humidity, road salt, etc. All these factors affect the car’s condition and especially the wax. So, it is recommended that you get your car waxed twice a year to ensure that the paint stays safe.

Myth 9: Engine Doesn’t Require As Much Cleaning:

Oh god, if you think, it is just the exterior and interior needs cleaning, then you can never be so wrong about something. Every machine needs cleaning. And the fault in smallest part can cause a big issue. And the engine is the most significant part of a vehicle. It is essential that you maintain the car properly. Engines can also have issues which can lead to serious issues. A clean engine will protect you from potential risk and the resale value of the car will also be better.

Now, you know that some ridiculous myths are simply affecting the car’s condition. So, in spite of what you hear around, it is better that you cross-check everything you hear.

About the Author: David Williams is a Networking Engineer by profession and blogger by passion. He devotes himself to learn new stuff, explore new places and spread whatever he learns through him blogs.

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