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Autonomous File Cabinets – Best filing cabinet for your workspace

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There are a number of jobs nowadays that require different strategies and layouts. There’s not a single person with the exact same job as someone else in the business world, and for many workers, utilizing your own personality as well as tools and furniture to ensure their organization. Things like desks, chairs, and computers make the job work, and are very much essential. There are a number of other aspects to consider as well. Although the digital age has gone paperless in many ways, there are still many fields and jobs that require a decent amount of paperwork.

For a lot of reasons, staying organized is important. It’s effortless to keep things in folders on a computer, but in real life, it can be extremely difficult to do in real life. Papers are often very similar to one another, and the more forms you have, the worse it gets. You may have applications, forms, memos, and other documents that all look similar and need to be organized for your use. There’s no ability to organize without a piece of furniture or

Whether you work for yourself or a company, organization can make or break your ability to do your job and complete tasks. If you’re somebody who is very organized, it’s most likely due to a set of personality traits. For many, however, they’re not predetermined to be very organized. Many people rely on tools and organizational furniture to keep them on track. If you’re not one who is very organized, it’s never too late to get a hold of your work materials and get back to a place of control. Things like paper clips and writing utensil cups are great, but for those that work with lots of documents and important materials, the best way to go is a trusty file cabinet. There are many things to consider with file cabinets, and it’s important to know what they do well, and how you may want to rethink your organizational strategy.

Filing Cabinet Basics

Traditional Filing Cabinets

There are a few things to consider when looking for a filing cabinet. First things first: where is it going to go? It goes without saying that you’d want your filing cabinet to be near your work station, but even in a small office space you have a choice to make. A very popular manner in which to use filing cabinets is to buy ones that are almost 5 or 6 feet high and utilize only one or two in a space away from your desk. That way, you’re not feeling cluttered with large cabinets right on top of you, and you don’t need to buy a ton of them. This option is usually reserved for individuals with a lot of documents. If a lot of your work is paperless, you may not need a file cabinet that size.

Side Desk Cabinets

Other cabinets are what are commonly referred to as companion cabinets. These filing cabinets sit next to your desk and almost serve as an accessory to your main desk. For work spaces that can host such a connected space, it’s nice having your files within reach from your computer. Another perk is that they’re often matching pieces to a desk, so if you’re purchasing a new desk, it’s likely you can find a companion cabinet that will match your desk, and in fact, go completely with it as a series. If you don’t have a matching set, it can be hard to blend your cabinet and desk into a single piece, and it’s an eyesore if they don’t match and are forced to be visible. The best option for filing cabinets cures this issue, as well as the size and distance issues of smaller file cabinets.

Under-the-desk Filing Cabinets

Under-the-desk filing cabinets offer a few major benefits. First of all, and most obvious, the ability to keep your filing cabinet under your desk is a major benefit. You save space by keeping it out of a different space, and it’s as close to you while you’re at your workstation as it can be. The ability to keep your files off of your work desk but also keep them within reach saves time, keeps you more productive, and allows maximum organization. Taller, independent filing cabinets are far too bulky for a smaller work space, but it’s fantastic that you can store everything you need in one place. An under-the-desk filing cabinet allows you that same one-stop shop, as well as the ability to keep things out of the way.

There’s another major benefit to under-the-desk filing cabinets: the ability to organize in a confined space. It can be easy to buy a giant cabinet and throw everything inside of it. With a wider, shorter filing cabinet, you’re forced to keep things tidy a bit. With enough space in a cabinet, but not too much to allow for lazy planning, it can change your work dynamic to have everything organized and in order. Finding the right filing cabinet can be tough, but there is one under-the-desk filing cabinet to consider first and foremost.


Autonomous Filing Cabinets

A few things set Autonomous filing cabinet apart from others. There are reasons that customers who work at home and in office spaces choose Autonomous for their filing needs.

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Materials and Build

The Autonomous filing cabinet is built with  superfine, cold rolled steel plates that ensure durability and safety for your documents. Nothing that may hit, fall on, or spill on your filing cabinet and get in to damage your important documents. A lot filing cabinets are steel or metal, but they’re often cheap furniture, meaning cheap materials. This filing cabinet is affordable, but doesn’t skimp on the materials. Like you, your filing cabinet plays a vital role in your successes. Your work ethic is strong if you’re determined to succeed, and your filing cabinet should be the same.


The size of the Autonomous filing cabinet is the best of both worlds in terms of being large enough to store your belongings, and small enough to keep under your desk so you have room to work. The Autonomous cabinet is fully adjustable to ensure smart storage. If you need a thin top drawer but a deep bottom drawer you can rework it to work for you. If you want them evenly distributed, so be it. Your work style is unique because your work is unique. The way that you balance your work and organization are key to setting and achieving goals. The ability to function to your peak performance is only achievable through a space that works for you, and something as silly as a drawer size really goes a long way. The drawers are move able and each divider allows you to tailor the space to suit your needs.

Wheels on the Desk

The cabinet is on wheels as well, so not only can you fill each personalized drawer with your belongings, but you can also move it to where you want it to be. Place your belongings in personalized drawers and then move your entire cabinet to how you feel that day. Sometimes, you may not want it under the desk, but you at least have that option with the Autonomous desk. The wheels are made of a material that won’t scratch plastic and roll freely on carpet.


If getting a filing cabinet that works for you is important, it’s also just as important that it represents you adequately. The Autonomous filing cabinet offers 4 colors to match your mood and work environment, and there’s science behind this being important. First of all, colors can affect our mood, and if you’re looking at colors that contrast with what you’re working on, it can be distracting, uninviting, and debilitating. If you work in customer service, it’s likely that dull colors around you may affect your mood when responding to customers. A bright color like green or red, on the other hand, would help you stay bubbly and give the best service. Colors mean different things, and Autonomous offers four colors that can match your mood.

Red is a color of power and passion, so for people in sales, the red colored cabinet is popular. Baby blue is very innocent, calming, and pure, meaning if you need a relaxing environment this is a good choice for you. Evergreen reminds you of nature or the Earth, and can be very helpful for staying grounded and thoughtful. Lastly, gray is futuristic and industrial, but not in a bad way. In fact, for a state-of-the-art work space, gray works best in matching the cool tones around most hardware in computing.

Colors are a big deal for our mood and attitude. The visuals around the workspace are often what dictate work ethic and speed. All of these things deal with making sure you’re in order to do your best work.

Get Things In Order

Most of all, the Autonomous cabinet allows you to do what this is all about: get organized. A filing cabinet should be your first step to getting your work documents and files in order, and to be honest, if you’re thinking that you aren’t organized, this is the place to start. A filing cabinet is a game changer, and the Autonomous filing cabinet is top of its class. The under-the desk function is as good as it gets for space-saving. For many of you, space is probably the number one issue when it comes to disorganization.

The ways in which you use our work space is very mechanical. The more we feel like things are running smoothly, the more we feel like each part is working well. The better the parts, the better the work. For filing cabinets, a good running part needs to create the space you need, and the Autonomous filing cabinet allows you to free up office space or workspace and still provide you the luxury of storing all of your materials in a nearby space.

When working at home especially, filing cabinets can be a difference between a half-hearted work space and a real office area that allows you to thrive. Many working to start their own businesses will skimp on cabinets or other organizational accessories in favor of having money for other things they see more essential. This is a mistake because if you’re not organized, you’re not succeeding, and it’s evident in start-up businesses who is doing well in terms of their beginnings and who is struggling to keep up. Not only does organization help you stay in line, but it also shows that you’re understanding that it’s important to keep your business to a certain standard.


Autonomous is a leading name in office materials and furniture, and the filing cabinet is no exception. With a state-of-the-art material made to last, the filing cabinet is protective of your documents and files so that you don’t have to worry about their safety. When you leave for the day, or walk out of the home office, you’ll be assured that everything will be safe. The ability to move your cabinet on wheels means you can manage where you locate your documents in real time, and don’t have to use a tall, bulky tower that can even sometimes be hard to reach. There’s a number of reasons to go with a smaller cabinet, and the Autonomous filing cabinet even fits under your desk.

Staying organized is crucial, and a cabinet is a great first step. Treat your work with the care you would a child, and you will be successful. It’s important to know how to stay on top of your work, but without a proper filing cabinet, you’re asking yourself to run uphill and fight a battle you cannot win. In the end, it comes down to a desire to be the best you can be. This is a wonderful way to start: getting organized and taking control of your workspace. The area in which you work is your space, and it needs to work for you and be an environment that you can find yourself determined and focused.

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