Nowadays, when the trends are shifting constantly and when the new generation dominates the runway, it is hard not to notice that people have even started pampering themselves at the gym. Believe it or not, but wearing baggy shorts, and over-sized T-shirt will make everybody turn their heads, but not in a good way.

Even though you go there to exercise and sweat your brains out, you need to get dressed for it. Besides blending in with the rest of the gym-goers, wearing a stylish outfit in the gym will uplift your spirit, boost your motivation and determination, and have other similar positive benefits.

Uplift you self-respect

No matter the occasion, when we strive to dress the best way possible, we immediately tend to feel content. Wearing the right clothes and feeling good about doing that may boost your self-esteem as well. When you are satisfied the way you look there is no obstacle that you cannot succumb to, which is definitely necessary at the gym while doing some tedious rep.

What is more, by wearing comfortable but stylish and cute leggings you will notice that all eyes are on you, and not because you are sweating, but because you look gorgeous while doing so. Thus, as you wear your fancy workout clothes and have noticed the attention, you will automatically feel more uplifted. When you look great, you feel great. Period.

A boosting motivational factor

Being aware of it or not, in no time will you feel more galvanized to work harder and better once you wear a perfect gym outfit. Our brains get an instant motivational boost when we wear posh clothes, so opting for a fun graphic tee and stunning cut-out leggings will give you an urge to perform better and more productive. When you work out in style you feel more flattering and ready to take up any challenges that may lie in front of you.

Gym exercises can be demanding, but once you wear a colourful lime and pink tee with tight leggings and suitable sports bra, you will have a sense of acting like a pro. That feeling will trigger you to perform a better day by day and give you flabbergasting results.

Activate and inspire the crowd

As looking great at the gym gives you much needed mental boost and self-esteem, it can trigger the same effect to the people around you. When they see how stylish-looking, ready for action, and motivated you to look, that may inspire other people in the gym to put in more effort. This might be more beneficial for girls, as many of the ladies are keen fashion followers, and they will recognize a good and stylish outfit when they see it. But it is the effect of looking stylish that will make you become their role model, thus giving them a subconscious mental push. If you wear your sleek and mod gym outfit and show off your good mood, the surrounding crowd will see you as an inspirational person asap. Top that up with fantastic performance and progress, and there you have the inspirational recipe.

Increase your productivity

Wearing jewellery or for instance, wearing long pendant while running, will surely slow your performance down, since the necklace will be beating at your chest. Other poor clothing choices can similarly have a negative effect on your gym productivity. Furthermore, wearing a regular bra or an old-fashioned saggy old sports bra might be sufficiently supportive, so choosing a fashionable bra according to your size will not only make you look cutting edge and stylish, but it will enhance your productivity.

The same effect is with wearing new modern neon pink running shoes that will empower your run and make you look drop-dead-gorgeous while doing so. Or if you are preparing for a half-marathon, you need to wear the appropriate perspiration shorts in order to increase your speed and air flow. What you wear may directly affect your performance.


Get equipped with bravery

Looking good, wearing stylish clothes that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and powerful can boost your psychological power. Some exercises, such as the heavy deadlift or burpee box jump workout, which you may have considered as extremely difficult to do, can seem plausible once you feel satisfied in how you look at what you wear. There is an ongoing notion about regular gym-goers that if you are looking sleek and top-notch while you work out, you may gain a perceived psychological edge on your opponent.

Professional athletes who wear powerful black clothes have a significant advantage towards those who wear light colours. This small intimidating factor merely acts as bravery and performance boost which is more then welcomed if you strive for success. And that’s all thanks to stylish clothes.

Throw out your worn-out sneakers, super-baggy clothes, and stretched bra, and pump yourself up with fashionable workout clothes that will make you look and feel good. Looking great at the gym will shift your mind and make your performance skyrocket.

Author’s Bio: Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business, stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys traveling and passionately blogs about the latest marketing and lifestyle trends.

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