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Bad Boys : Sinful Treat or Date With The Devil?

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Why are women so attracted to bad boys? Is it their “I don’t care attitude” or is it their mysterious reclusive demeanor?

There is no way to particularly pinpoint why a bad boy acts how he does or what he’s even thinking. Women around the world state that they want a nice guy who treats them like a princess and gives them their world and yet they seem to always gravitate towards the bad boy type. What is it that attracts us to men who ignore us, flirt with other women and even are selfish enough to use us for that one sacred thing we women cherish the most?

Could it possibly be hormones or maybe even that they are the only thing we can’t fully comprehend or control? There have been so many scientific researches over the years to even begin to end this age-old question and yet there is not one solid  

I have met an ample amount of men throughout my lifetime who come from all different walks of life and have the most extreme senses of style. I grew up wanting that fairytale romantic life with that perfect husband and father to my children. As I grew older I realized, that isn’t reality-for most women anyways. No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to get away from that stereotypical ‘bad boy’.

Whether a friend or more, there’s always one in my life. Perhaps it’s his alluring mystery or unorganized patterns. I can never predict what he will do next and it’s almost a thrill to try to guess. He releases me from my planned routine life and allows me to escape into a dark, exciting new adventure where I don’t even know what exciting new place I’ll end up or what dangerous memory I’ll have the next day.

I’ve tried to let them go like I would let go of that beautifully stunning Gucci dress with those rocking Louis Vuitton heels to match that I saw in the window but it never works! I’ve told myself many times that I’m worth more than constant lies and never being a priority and fighting with other women for his attention. No matter what I said or how hard I tried to play the game, I always became weak in the knees and utterly enthralled of the unexpected.

There have been some points in life where I thought maybe I will be able to change him and he will treat me better than the women he’s treated poorly in the past. It could be the familiar of my sometimes snarky side or the thrill of him not being accepted into my family because he isn’t the normal ‘good guy’ I should marry.

Whatever it is, I can’t seem to shake the rush I get being in his presence and feeling like he chose me, not every other woman on this Earth.

I recently fell for a bad boy who wasn’t a true ‘bad boy’. He dressed normally and was very friendly towards me. The more I spent time with him, the more I figured out his game. He was a disguised ‘bad boy’ with a ‘good guy’ exterior. I fell in love with him rather quicker than normal. I tried to figure out why this one guy could get me to act and feel the way I did. He was unpredictable and ruthless. He was selfish, entitled and did what he wanted when he wanted.

So many other girls tried for his attention and I spent so much time fighting for it. I never fully comprehended why I needed this one guy so badly but I was willing to do anything and everything to be with him and have him for myself. As time went on, I realized that he was never going to change for me and he loved the attention so much that he continuously lied to me about seeing other women and would never give me the same respect in return.

What I thought was the thrill of a lifetime and possibly the “one” turned out to be the same old ‘bad boy’ that I’ve ran across countless times in my past.

I could never spend the rest of my life with someone who enjoys to treat other women like that especially myself who I know deserves more in return just like every other women out there. We are beautiful, strong, independent women who don’t need to try fighting for attention or giving up our lives to fit into someone else’s persona. We deserve the best and should have men chasing after us.

We deserve to be placed on a pedestal and treated with dignity, honesty and respect.

No matter what personality you have, how you dress, what career you have or even how you look on the outside, only one thing matters and that is your happiness. I have concluded that bad boys are just a sinful treat for me but always end up the same: a date with the devil. Choose your own paths and decide who deserves to be in your life and who will make you a priority. Don’t waste time pinning for men who don’t care about anything but themselves.

Let them chase you and stay true to who you are as a woman.

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