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The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Online Relationship Offline

Why do people use dating sites? Some are drawn to the sheer convenience of this platform for introducing themselves to new friends. But if you are looking to meet singles in your area with romance in mind, it is all about connecting, then dating. Everyone who gets together online and builds a rapport by exchanging messages will face this hurdle: how to take a virtual relationship offline. Here are some
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6 Online Relationship Tips That Actually Work!

There's something to be said about the power of online dating. If you're single and seeking a relationship, a free dating site offers you the potential to connect with a diverse range of other singles. It has become so popular to use this form of relationship website that, according to feedback, upwards of half of the adult population have dabbled. Of course, making the most of dating sites regards a degree
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Dating: 4 Myths about Long Distance Relationships Busted

The topic of long-distance relationships is shrouded in a lot of negativity for years. Maybe the most common perception that long distance relationships don’t work is the reason behind all this negativity. It is true to a great extent. However, making a long distance relationship work in the hyper-connected world is far easier compared to the era when two people miles apart could communicate only via mail or telephone. The
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Netflix and Chill? Check Out Datebox, The Subscription Box For Couples

Everyone loves subscription boxes, from LootCrate to OwlCrate, including BarkBox and Ipsy. But most of those are glorified subscription boxes for one specific type of person or something that peaks an individuals interest, yet I have come to you today to tell you about the newest couples subscription box called DateBox! Datebox is a monthly subscription box aimed to help couples spice up their date night, instead of the typical
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BDSM: Spankings Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but leather, handcuffs and whips excite me! Welcome to the dark erotic world of BDSM! This is a widely accepted and practiced sexual lifestyle that rarely gets spoken about till the recent release of the Fifty Shades of Grey series and movie. But there is so much that you don’t know. Let’s begin shall we? Sex is about feeling good and being intimate
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LGBT: I Am Bisexual, Not Confused

(Editor’s Note: This column may contain graphic or sensitive subject matter.) In 2015, gay marriage was nationally legalized, the military adjusted their Equal Opportunity Policy now allowing homosexuals to enlist without discrimination, and Kim Kardashian’s dad (dad? Other mom? LOL) bought him/herself a shiny new vagina. So why is it still taboo to be bisexual in a country that accepts sex change operations and gay soldiers? In this article, I
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Dating: Five Shocking Reasons Women Break Up With Men

We’ve all been there before. One minute everything is going great; she is affectionate, loving, and seemingly totally devoted to you. The next minute she is telling you that she doesn’t want to see you anymore or that she just wants to be friends. Confused and contrite, you beg her to reconsider, pleading with her to tell you what you did wrong and promising never to do whatever it was
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Dating: Treat Her Like A Sexual Object

Most guys that I work with who are having trouble attracting women insist that they are being real with the women they are dating, and that for some reason it just isn’t working for them. After talking to them for a few minutes, it quickly becomes evident that they really aren’t being real with these women at all. And the women know it. You see these men seem to think
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Dating and Relationships: Married Men Need To Resist The Allure Of Single Women

In what is always a very sensitive and touchy topic in the realm if dating and relationships, married men have always attracted single women and vice versa. To begin this column, I want to first disclose that as Founder, CEO and Publisher of this site, The Inscriber: Digital Magazine maintains the highest levels of class and professionalism in covering a range of issues, about entertainment, dating, culture, lifestyle and sports.