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Justin Forsett - Running Back

When you think of Justin Forsett, typically you will think of him as being undersized and overmatched. Unfortunately, he has a plethora of reasons to not pursue being a full-time player in the NFL. First of all, the Seattle Seahawks drafted Forsett in 2008. He was later cut Still, in 2008, he was signed and later cut by the Indianapolis Colts. After that, he re-signed with the Seahawks prior to his contract running out. He would then go on to have short stints with the Houston Texans in 2012 and Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013. He did not get any starts during these two seasons and had little job security in addition. The Baltimore Ravens changed that.

Justin Forsett would not get any actual playing time until 2014. By this time he was already 29 years old. Yet, the Baltimore Ravens were willing to give him a shot. During the 2014 season, he had over a thousand rushing yards and had eight touchdowns. This ended up being the case because of the suspension and eventual release of Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens has Rice at the top of the depth chart in 2014. However, he got arrested for assault after the video started to surface of him punching his then fiance.

Nevertheless, that run is now over. As he announced through a tweet and an interview he did with the Sports Spectrum. He ended his career by tweeting out through his official account (@JForsett): “It’s time. I’m officially announcing my retirement from the game I love. It has been an amazing ride and I’m grateful for every moment. My career has brought so many great people into my life, and I asked some of them to join me in saying goodbye.”

He would continue the tweet by saying, “Against all odds, critics, and naysayers, I accomplished something great. Scouts measured my height and said I was too short. They measured my 40-yard dash and said I was too slow. They looked at my build and said I wouldn’t last. But they couldn’t measure my heart, my faith, and my perseverance.” He would end up wrapping up the tweet by saying, “I am living proof that dreams come true and God answers prayers, and I thank God every day for the opportunity to live out my dream.”

He played a handful of games for the Denver Broncos in the 2016 season. They happen to be the seventh team he would play for. He wraps up a career that saw him have 820 rushes for around 3,890 yards and also saw him have 19 touchdowns.

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