By Paul Babyn

The captain of German’s 2014 World Cup winning team, Bastian Schweinsteiger arrived at the O’Hare International Airport, in Chicago, on Tuesday evening, to incredible scene.

The ex-Manchester United midfielder walked through the airports international arrival terminal to a hilarious welcome. Over 500 fans were present, singing, chanting and waving flags to welcome the German football legend. This move by Chicago Fire for Schweinsteiger is probably the biggest signing in the history of the club.

Schweinsteiger has said that he moved to Chicago Fire to help the club and its management fulfil their vision and make a positive impact. He is the second player in history to be part of a World Cup winning team and sign with an MLS team.

The whole room at the intro presser at Toyota Park was packed with hundreds of club supporters, sponsors and sports journalists from around the world. Seated at the front row was the player’s wife and ardent supporter, Ana Ivanovic, the tennis superstar.

Meanwhile, the manager of his former club Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has expressed regret over the way he treated the German international. Mourinho said this during the media briefing on Friday afternoon before the match against West Bromwich Albion.

Mourinho virtually exiled Schweinsteiger during his first season as manager of Manchester United. Schweinsteiger was forced to train alone, going by himself to gyms, which can now benefit immensely from the new WellnessLiving Business Management Software.

This incident attracted a lot of criticism towards the Man. U manager from various people across the globe. Even when United eventually released Basti, he was not given a chance to say a dignifying good bye to his former teammates and fans until he arrived at Chicago for his welcome press conference, at Toyota Park, which was a grand spectacle.

Originally, Schweinsteiger was not part of Mourinho’s plans at United. He, however, featured in a few games and even scored a goal during one of those matches. Basti has now moved from being an after thought in Mourinho’s program to being the biggest fish in the pond at Toyota Park.

Back at Old Trafford, Mourinho expressed his regret at how he treated one of soccer’s most decorated midfielders. He actually admitted that he felt sorry for what he did to him. Mourinho said that despite the treatment he received, Schweinsteiger was very professional in his approach and he remained a good influence in the dressing room and during training.

Mourinho said he based his initial assessment of Basti on the fact that he was sidelined for injury for most of the previous season. He did not appreciate his professional attitude and good demeanor at that time.

So virtually ruled him out of his main lineup because he had two major injuries involving the ligaments on his knee – a condition that can be improved through yoga as revealed by gym coaches who use the famous yoga studio management software – WellnessLiving.

Later on when Basti became fit, Mourinho realised that he was of far greater value because he always respected his decisions as a manager. Unfortunately, the damage had been done and Basti has sought for a more fulfilling career with Chicago Fire.

Mourinho has since sent goodwill messages to Schweinsteiger and his wife, wishing them a fruitful stay in his new club.

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