By Korisnik

Today, when business owners think about promoting their business, digital marketing like social media ads and search marketing come to mind.

But are the conventional advertising methods no longer effective?

The truth is the traditional methods play a significant role in a holistic marketing campaign. Using one or more of the following old fashioned promotional methods can still bring in the desired results.

Direct Mail: Direct mail has recently experienced a resurgence in effectiveness after the peak performance of the 1980’s. This powerful medium of communication is still highly valued because it gives the recipient something to handle.

Many people who receive corporate brochures and sales materials tend to keep them and go over them more than once. That is why smart businesses complement their online marketing efforts with regular direct mail campaigns.

Mass Media Advertising: Radio and TV commercials are still very effective ways to reach out to a local audience in NYC. Although they are more costly than online advertising, they lend a lot of credibility to your business.

Another medium that is less costly is the classified ad space in the local newspaper.

Using the local media is a great way for startup business in the city to compete favorably with other local brands instead of trying to beat national brands that have greater visibility.

Printed Fliers: It is important to use fliers to market your business at special events. Consider hiring a company like Promotional Models NYC to help you give out fliers and pamphlets at road shows, trade events, store fronts, parking lots and any area that has a lot of traffic.

Fliers are not very expensive to print and you can use them to direct people to your website and reward them for signing up for your mailing list. They are also effective because one flier can be used to inform a whole family about your business within a few minutes.

To improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign when using fliers, you can hire a New York modelling agency with the expertise to make your brand more appealing.

Use a Pop-up Stand: In New York City, Italian ice cream and hot dog stands are quite popular.

The reason for this is that they are effective for spreading the word about a business. If you run a fast food business or you sell consumer goods, you should consider this or a modified version of it within your locality.

Work with a Public Relations Firm: A public relations firm is not only meant to promote authors. You can hire a reputable PR firm to create a short or long term campaign through press releases.

These press releases can be picked up by local magazine and newspaper editors who will help you spread the word about your business to potential consumers.

You should consider using one or more of these conventional advertising methods to promote your business. Combining them with popular online marketing strategies will enable you to reach out to your target audience and increase the return on your marketing investment.

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