People often hear that women hide their age because they like to look younger. Especially when women turn 30, they feel they have gotten old as grey hair and wrinkles start to appear. To look younger, many women around the world follow a regimen. Here are some anti-aging tips that can help women in their thirties.

1.Take care of your skin

In their thirties, women start noticing signs of aging due to stress and hormonal swings. This makes the thirties the ideal time to look after skin properly. The skin care routine should no longer consist only of moisturizers, scrubs, and cleansers. This is the perfect time to add serums, day and night creams and under eye creams to your old skin care regimen.

Slow cell turnover and metabolism cause pigmentation and dry patches as women grow older. As a result, exfoliating the skin every other night is a must. This refines large pores and leaves the skin looking smooth.

To assist you with skin care products check out the most popular products for aging skin.

2.Keep a well-balanced diet

Looking young doesn’t mean taking care of yourself only externally. It is vital to take care of what you are eating because nutrition plays an essential role in an individual’s health. This eventually affects their aging process. Avoid processed sugar as it speeds up the aging process. How? Sugar weakens the collagen in the skin and, in turn, causes sagging.

Addition of green tea to the diet is another anti-aging secret. Consuming green tea in the right amount prevents oxidative damage inside the body by reducing free radical. This makes one appears younger.

Incorporate tomatoes into everyday meals. They have carotenoids that ward off the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Pomegranates are a rich source of Vitamin- C which helps fight skin dryness, sagging and wrinkles. Read more about fruits/vegetables to add to your diet.

3.Do not be afraid to use foundations

All those women who carry their youthful skin into old age know how useful foundations are. The right application and color selection, however, is important. Concealing dark circles and wrinkles polishes the skin and cuts down a few years from your appearance.

4.Take proper sleep

Staying up late at night during or after the thirties makes skin dehydrated and a person tired looking. With body showing signs of aging, tired looks adds to that. According to research lack of sleep decreases the skins ability to recover after sun damage which causes pigmentation. Hence, a good night’s sleep helps in looking young.

5.Dress well

People often say, ‘French women know the secret to aging.’

French women place a lot of importance on the good dressing. Clothes that fit well make you look younger as compared to baggy clothes. The rule of thumb is to accentuate the slimmest part of the body to appear trimmer which helps in looking young.

Having a good fashion sense is another secret to anti-aging. This means knowing what suits you well and carrying that confidently. One wardrobe essential that anyone can carry without any hesitation is a leather jacket. Of course, bright colored jackets won’t look too sober, but pastel color leather jackets make women appear youthful.

A long leather jacket also makes the body look slender. A huge collection of leather jackets is available on Leatherskinshop to choose from.


Add necklaces and sunglasses and bracelets your existing collection. This will really help up brighten the overall look. They will also add glamour to your appearance and help you look young.

7.Go for microdermabrasion treatments

When women turn thirty, the cell turnover slows down, and effects of smoke and pollution start to show. Microdermabrasion lessens the signs of aging by removing lines and wrinkles. Regular treatments help in the anti-aging process.

8.Hair Care

Longer waist length hair makes you look older, likewise going too dark with hair color adds years to your look. Highlights really help in cutting down a few years from your age. The classic colors to go for when in the thirties are blondes or ash tones.

Older women should avoid teasing their hair as it can make anyone look older. Flattering layers, on the other hand, cuts down years from your look.

Avoid stiff hairstyles such as the one in the image below, it makes women appear older.

9.Keep thicker brows

Thicker eyebrows add a softer look to the face and divert attention from wrinkles and fine line. It is inadvisable to go for thin eyebrows because thinner eyebrows show the wrinkly skin between the brows and eyes.


Exercise is the best anti-ager. Maureen Hagan – fitness expert says “Fitness is a youth serum.” Strength training is a great way to train tissues to behave the way they did when you were younger.

Cardio improves mitochondrial function which reduces with age hence helping with the anti-aging process. There are many anti-aging workouts available all over the internet that can be followed in the thirties and forties. Here you can find some anti-aging exercises to add to your routine.

11.Feel young

Aging is more a matter of mind than of looks. If women feel good about their self, it shows in their attitude.

Coco Chanel said: “I am not young, but I feel young. The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there. J’aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing.

No one likes the signs of aging. Therefore, many women begin to follow the anti-aging regimen way before they turn thirty. It is always recommended to start earlier to get better results. The softer the hands, the shinier the hair, and the smoother the legs the younger you will appear.

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