When you think of physically perfect human beings, thoughts about supermodels immediately come to mind. They are beautiful, tall, and have flawless skin. There’s no questioning why big name brands choose them as their main endorsers.

For regular folks, it may often seem like supermodels are just born with “it” – they are naturally slender and gorgeous. But ask any of them the secret behind their enviable good looks and they will tell you that there’s nothing to it but committed personal care. Thus, essentially, it’s not “nothing” but “something” that is well-calculated.

With the hectic schedule they keep and the other stringent demands of their job, relying on good genes is never enough. They need to take utmost care in preserving their physical appearance. They have to work out, eat healthy as much as they can, stay away from harmful substances, and implement a thorough skincare routine.

Skin care, particularly, is a must because great-looking skin is a top requirement for any modeling job. If a model has great skin, she automatically increases her work opportunities. And in a profession that has a short “lifespan,” beautiful skin is crucial to be considered for a variety of modeling jobs.

So, what do these supermodels do to keep their skin clear and young looking? Here are seven of their best strategies.

1. Proper cleansing: Thick makeup, long hours in smoky sets, the pollution in shoot locations – all these can build up dirt on the skin. Therefore, thorough cleansing is a must.

Supermodels swear by double cleansing. This involves breaking down makeup and dirt with an emollient such as a cleansing balm, or cleansing oil, and following up with a facial wash. The double cleansing method makes sure that the skin is free from dirt and oil that get trapped in the pores and cause pimples.

2. Drinking up a skin elixir every day: A skin elixir is all the rage in the fashion industry. It is typically a powdered formula that is organic and loaded with nutrients that boost the skin. You prepare it in the morning as a pick me up, and it is supposed to help fight free radicals that age the skin.

3. Never going out without sunscreen: The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the enemy and the best way to block them off is through the daily application of sunscreen or a lightweight BB cream with SPF, advise top female models in the UAE where it is sunny 365 days of the year.

4. Adequate hydration: According to stylists to the stars, there are different ways models like to keep their skin hydrated so it’s smooth and supple. Four of them are listed below:

● Through hyaluronic acid serums and essences.

● Through facemasks.

● Through facial mists (that do not only add moisture to the skin but also make it look healthy and dewy).

● Drinking water often.

5. Avoiding touching their face

The hands, which are two of the most hardworking parts of the body, easily get dirty. It doesn’t matter if you frequently clean them with Purell or cleansing wipes, the hands just have all sorts of germs all the time.

If you avoid touching your face with your hands, you prevent germ transfer that can lead to skin irritation.

6. Facial massage: This is a must after a thorough cleansing of the skin. Facial massage is like a gentle caress aided by your choice of moisturizer or mild exfoliant.

A facial massage is done using moves in an upward motion to work against the impact of gravity on the skin. At the same time, it helps with lymph circulation, which is crucial in ridding the skin of toxic elements that make it look dull.

7. Investing in high-quality skin boosters: Instead of having a large collection of makeup, supermodels invest more in skin boosters to prevent skin woes like acne and the appearance of fine lines. Products that target specific skin issues make a whole world of difference in keeping skin clear and healthy.

If you want to clear your skin, take a cue from the people whose source of livelihood depends on flawless skin. Try the skin-clearing strategies supermodels use that are shared here and see how they’ll work for you. These just might be the tactics missing from your facial care routine that are preventing you from having the smooth skin you’ve always wanted.

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