There are over 126 million homeowners in the United States. One of the biggest perks of being the owner of a home is the freedom it gives you to alter your surroundings.

Most people view their residence as a blank canvas. Finding unique and appealing ways to improve your home is no easy task. If you are a lover of all things entertainment, you may want to construct your very own home theater. The home audio/video market is filled with products designed to turn your residence into an entertainment oasis.

If you are trying to build the perfect home theater, be sure to consider some of the following tips.

Tracking Down Your Visual Sweet Spot: Before you install a new television in your home theater, you need to work on finding a visual sweet spot. Mounting a television in the wrong place can lead to issues with glare and other problems. Luckily, there is a formula you can use to figure out where your new television should go.

If you take the screen size of your new television and multiply it by 2.5, you can find out how far away your furniture needs to be from it. While you may have to move the television a few times to find out where glare can be avoided, it is worth the effort due to the great movie watching experience it will provide.

There is Nothing Wrong With a Soundbar: Is the room you are putting your home theater in a bit small? Instead of trying to put a large surround sound system in this smaller space, you may want to think about using a soundbar. With a soundbar, you can get the theater quality sound you are looking for without taking up a lot of room.

If a soundbar doesn’t appeal to you, investing in bookshelf speakers is a good option. You can easily hide these types of speakers and get great sound as well. Knowing what to look for when buying bookshelf speakers can save you a lot of time and money.

Leave Wall Space For Your Subwoofer: Getting deep bass sounds from your home theater system will only be possible with a quality subwoofer. These speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is why you will have to do your homework before investing in a new subwoofer.

Once you have chosen the right speaker for your home theater, you need to shift your focus to mounting it properly. Trying to mount a subwoofer in a cabinet will usually lead to unwanted vibration and distortion. Putting this speaker in the corner of the room is a good idea. Make sure the wall around the speaker is not blocked. Providing your subwoofer with plenty of wall space will help you get the best possible sound from it.

Embrace the Power of Full Surround Sound: When trying to remove the guesswork from the speaker set up process, going with a surround sound system is a great idea. Usually, you will be able to cover the entire room with this system, which will save you a lot of time and frustration.

The biggest challenge you will face when putting in a surround sound system is proper placement of the rear channel. Using the upper back corners of your home’s walls is a great idea when attempting to properly place these rear channel speakers.

Get All of Your Wires Pulled: Before you put in the components of your home theater, you will have to run all of the wires first. While this may sound like a relatively easy task, it is anything but. If you have the money to hire professionals for this job, you should do so.

With some professional help, you can get this job done quickly and correctly. One wrong move during the installation of these wires can lead to components of your home theater not working properly. The last thing you want is to short out expensive components of your system due to your inexperience. The money you pay professionals to run these wires will pale in comparison to the cost of replacing damaged home theater components.

Make Your Home Theater Easy to Upgrade: As time goes by, newer home theater components will hit the market. Upgrading the components in your theater will be easy if you design it correctly. Making sure you have plenty of access speaker wire and space is essential when trying to make your theater easy to upgrade. Putting in conduit can also help you make these wires and offer them a higher degree of protection. Utilizing the power of conduit can also prevent the need for tearing into drywall to install new home theater components.

Invest in Quality Furniture: Some homeowners get so wrapped up in buying televisions and sound equipment for their home theater that they rush through the furniture selection process. Investing in theater seats is a great way to provide this space with more authenticity. Rather than trying to buy this furniture sight unseen, you need to go in and get a firsthand look.

Visiting a furniture store will allow you to actually sit in the seats. While this may take a bit of time, it will be worth it due to the information it can provide.

Increase the Speed of Your Home Internet Connection: If you have a home theater, chances are you will be streaming a lot of movies. Instead of having to deal with buffering constantly, you need to consider upgrading the speed of your existing internet.

Putting a Wifi extender in your home theater room can also boost the power of the signal and make streaming much easier. Checking your wireless router settings is also a good idea. Using the right channel settings can significantly speed up and strengthen your connection.

Seeking out the help professionals in the home entertainment world is essential. They will be able to offer you advice and can install the various components in your theater correctly.


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