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Beauty: Best Makeup Tips For Wedding Season

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By Jessica Oaks

Wedding season is almost here and that means brides-to-be everywhere are starting to think about more than just the perfect dress, but also the perfect makeup. Every bride wants to look her best on the big day, and neither bridesmaids nor wedding guests are exempt from the desire to feel beautiful.

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or working with a stylist, these tips can help you get the wedding day look you really want.

Do Eye Makeup First

Most of us start with our base layers when doing makeup but there is a very good reason to begin with the eyes and then move on to other areas of the face. When you’re doing your eyes – especially precision liner – you tend to rest your hands on other parts of the face, which can smear the blusher and concealer you’ve previously applied. Starting with eyes and brows means you can use your cheeks as stabilizers without worry and if some shadow drops onto your cheeks you can just wipe it away.

Create a Strong Base

Primer smoothes out skin and tones down uneven patches while creating a base that helps makeup look amazing for hours. There are primers for your face as well as eye shadow primers, and it pays to use both. From there, try a highlighting powder like Artistry’s 3D Face Powder (Artistry is an Amway offshoot) plus a powder foundation that is light and airy and matches your skin tone.

Don’t Over Powder

Translucent powders are your best bet – do some research to find one you love well in advance of the big day. When you find your favorite, don’t overdo it! Use a big fluffy brush to press the powder on only where it’s needed (probably forehead, nose and chin) and leave some of your face unpowdered for a fresh, dewy look.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re a bride doing your own wedding day makeup or you’re reading this because you’re a bridesmaids or guest who wants to look her best, start upping your makeup game now. Fire up some YouTube makeup videos and learn the inside scoop on blending, contouring and getting the perfect wings.

Use Individual Lashes for Impact

A full strip of faux eyelashes will make your eyes stand out but they’re anything but subtle. For a big boost to your lashes that won’t make people wonder if you’re heading to the club post-reception, use individual faux lashes in varying lengths. This creates a brilliant, fluttery look that’s perfectly in line with your natural lashes so no one will even know you’re wearing them.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

If you’ve been pinning makeup inspiration for at least three months you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the range of wedding day looks out there. But before you pick a pin and send it off to your stylist, consider this… though you may be tempted to try something drastically different, makeup wise, you’ll probably be happiest with your overall look on your wedding day and in your wedding photos if you look like yourself.

That means if you usually opt for natural looking makeup, go for an enhanced natural look. But if you can usually be found vamping it up with mega red lips and dark brows, why not rock that look on your big day?

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