Wish fall now here, it is time for women everywhere to take their makeup and beauty game to another level. Whether it is applying the hottest new blush, eyelashes or lipstick colors, there are a lot of options and ideas out there for ladies looking to step their makeup game.

Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, you can find and see some of the hottest makeup artists online plying their craft with their A-list clientele. One of them being London-based Naomi Louise.

Louise, an international make-up artist, has worked with a number of reality stars including : Ashleigh Defy , Lacey Fuller , Frankie Isabella, Laura Louise, Hayley Fanshaw, Ellie Young Hannh Louise Cannabay and many more.

Below is my Q and A with the British bird as we talk hottest makeup trends to look for this fall, what to avoid.

With fall here and winter coming up, what are the hottest new beauty trends we should be on the lookout for?

A – I am loving metallic eyeshadows layered across a dark base with lots of eyeliner smudged out in the lower waterline.

What is the difference in terms of style and trends in the U.K., Europe and the States?

A- European & UK makeup styles tend to be more soft and subtle compared to the USA. Especially in France women focus on their Brows, flawless skin and highlighting the high planes of their face compared to the over contouring and super defined, carved brow trend we see in America.

Any famous clients you’ve done up?

A- MTV ( ex on the beach ) Ashleigh, Lacey, Frankie. ITV ( ibiza weekender) Laura, hayley, Ellie and Eastenders Gillian Taylforth.

If there was one person you wish you could do up, who would it be?

A- Rihanna of course, she has the most amazing face and eye shape to work on.

Makeup celebrity crush?

A- Kendall Jenner, her makeup is always flawless.

Which celeb has the best make up game and is always on point?

A- It has to be Little mixes Jessy Nelson, she slays some of the most fierce looks and is so daring with her makeup styles. She pulls everything off.

What advice would you give to your fellow sisters in doing it up?

A- To Ditch the Ombré brow trend.

Most overrated makeup trend?

A- Over contouring and super white under eye where it almost looks grey in photos.

Most underrated makeup trend?

A- lip tints & stains can be used for both lips and cheeks. I like to apply sheer & satin lip sticks to the cheeks before applying foundation, this creates a natural flush illusion. Its a very subtle way of glowing from within, without over using powders.

Any advice to any aspiring make up artists?

A- Never stop learning and practising. You learn something new everyday so make it to your intention to keep growing. Never be afraid to reach out to other aspiring or professional MUAs for help as their will always be someone listening.

Social links: Instagram – naomilouisemakeup Emailn.ltaylor29@hotmail.co.uk

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