Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or turn it into an adorable abode for your family, there’s a way to create a stylishly presented home that suits your taste, budget and desires.

Below we look at 6 ways you can turn your property into a real head-turner, without too much hard-graft.

Clean Lines

Sometimes the difference between a home that’s ready for viewing and one that isn’t can be as simple as hiring a skip bin. Clearing out your excess clutter and trash not only feels great, but it also helps to bring together the items in your house and create new points of focus.

Think about how much harder it is to see a flower in a field full of tall grass than it is to see one in a well-manicured garden. The same principle applies to your home – so get cleaning!

Get Stylin’

Even when you have beautiful furniture and a great base to create from, sometimes finding the inspiration and time to design your space can be hard to summon.

Never fear – expert advice and service is close to hand. Selling your home is a particularly stressful and high-stakes life event. Getting a helping hand from a professional will not only ease the stresses for organising and curating your home for house staging in Melbourne, but it can also help you to make more sense of your pieces and your home layout for any future property or home you reside in.

Find Your Mojo

Finding and channelling your own sense of style and space can be hard when there are so many available options. The skill of paring back and choosing a decisive visual signature can be hard to develop, and it’s tricky to know where to begin.

Magazines, books and home-improvement shows can all be valuable sources of information, but they often contain too many options to really help form a cohesive vision.

Find your mojo in architecture, art and design anywhere you gain joy. If you’re a person who gains joy from the local library, try to bring some of that joy into your home with links to that space. The same applies for architectural cues – don’t be afraid to bring your inspirations into your home.

When In Doubt, Store It

If you’re not ready to throw out or recycle your possessions, it might be time to consider putting excess items into storage. This is a particularly great option for those with expensive or seasonal furniture which doesn’t suit a home viewing or a seasonal update.

Placing your items into storage is a cheap way to keep furniture and items you’re connected to, while also freeing up space to better express and sell the qualities in your home through more neutral or current pieces.

Clear Vision

When selling or offering your home up for a viewing, you should think of your home as a clean slate for others to imagine their lives unfolding in. Think of aspirational images and the way in which they convey a sense of timelessness and ease.

Neutrals, clean whites and charcoals all offer the solace of neutrality, while remaining ever-modern and sleek. Floor furnishings should also undergo the same evaluation. If your carpet or flooring doesn’t help solidify the visual narrative of a space, then it should be either covered or replaced.

Neat Freak

One of the joys of a holiday is experiencing the splendour of a clean home. With the proliferation of space sharing sites such as Airbnb, we’re now able to spend time within other people’s homes, and live as others do.

You can channel this feeling in your own home (and invoke a sense of vacation and adventure in your everyday) by clearing out excess clutter and by stowing or selling items which aren’t necessary. This includes clothing, cookware and other items you wouldn’t take on a holiday.

Creating a Cinderella story from your pumpkin property can be much easier than you imagine. By implementing a few easy changes and by seeking expert assistance, you can create a sense of the extraordinary from your ordinary home.

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