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Beauty: Salon Tools and Technology to Help You Succeed

Starting a salon business means knowing more than just the latest hairstyles. Many independent salon owners in the United States forget that the beauty industry is about the whole package.

While styles may change from last year to next year, there’s strong evidence that the need for technology and new products will continue. Whether that’s installing a wi-fi router in your beauty salon to choosing a better barber chair, there are plenty of ways to improve your business model.

Rethink your equipment.

If you’re just getting started, it’s important to choose some quality equipment from the get-go. If your salon has been operating with outdated tools and products, it’s time for a refresh. For salons operating in the United States, you should partner with a brand like Keller International. Keller International has a proven history of salon excellence. By specializing in high-end barber and salon chairs and equipment, Keller International is positioned as one of the go-to companies for modern businesses.

When you’re selecting Keller products, it’s always a good idea to reach out to a sales representative to talk about your needs. For a barber, you may want more neutral products and stylings. For luxury salons, you may want to consider bolder color choices and more stylish touches. A Keller representative can help you choose the perfect chairs and equipment for your business.

Revamp your technology.

Are you struggling with a poor wi-fi connection or outdated router? Does your wireless router give you an intermittent signal? It’s probably time to upgrade to a new wi-fi router or mesh router. Businesses that incorporate technology create a more welcoming atmosphere for clients. However, unlike setting up a wireless network in a small home, you may need some technical assistance when it comes to setting up connected devices for business. Often, simply buying a “good router” isn’t enough. On top of that, if your brand has a mobile app, you’ll want a wireless network that can support stronger connectivity.

To start, you’ll want to choose the right kind of wifi router. Often, you’ll want a dual-band router that has a 2GHz and 5GHz band. If you’re setting up a mesh network, on the other hand, you’ll want a mesh router. While you won’t need to worry about your router being robust enough to support a VPN or online games, you may want to utilize the router’s ethernet ports to connect different devices around the salon. You may even want a mu-mimo router from TP-LINK that allows for multiple users, inputs, and outputs, depending on the size of your business. If you’re struggling to grapple with concepts like 802.11ac, GHz, and a mesh network, finding technical assistance is in your best interest.

Set up a booking platform.

Once you’ve gotten technical assistance for your wifi setup, you can consider taking your tech a step further. There’s strong evidence that customers enjoy convenience. A booking platform or mobile app can give them just that. If a mobile app seems beyond your reach, there are still plenty of platforms that make it easy to set up a booking portal. Of course, this is still going to take some work on your end. You’ll want to put in stylist information and confirm your business hours. You may even want to give customers the option to pick and choose add-on services, like a vitamin A shampoo or participation in your supplementation program. Once you’ve added all this info, customers can pick and choose their preferred time and the system will keep stylists from being overbooked.

Whether you’re rethinking the equipment your beauty salon uses or are setting up a wifi platform for all your business’s connected devices, there are plenty of ways to incorporate tools and technology. It’s a great way to breathe new life into your business and should keep you set for years to come.


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