Celebrating a friend’s birthday feels like a grand event, even if it is limited within a room with no extra elements of the party. A group of friends having some quality time together over food and drinks is enough to create lifetime memories and to attain satisfactory joy and fun.

In friendships, we only ask for the party from the one whose birthday it is, but that person never asks for a gift in return. But if you want to change the scene a bit, then you must surprise your friend with a perfect gift.

Here are some best birthday gift ideas you can try.

Personalised T-shirt

Well, what could be better than surprising your best friend with a t-shirt that will advance his/her styling sense? Gift a personalised t-shirt but not get it printed simply with your friend’s picture. Get a cool graphic made from a professional with your friend’s sketch or cartoon and name in the design.

Basket Of Fruits

We know that you think that a basket full of fruits isn’t a perfect gift to surprise a friend on his/her birthday. But, as we all know about the pandemic situation in the world, it is important that we look after our health. And we know that you surely want your friend to stay healthy. If you know about his/her favourite fruits, then add them to the basket and make sure to have seasonal and best quality fruits.

The Perfect Birthday Cake

There is no way we can complete the article without mentioning a cake. We are talking about a birthday surprise for a friend, and hence the sweetness must be there. Apart from that, receiving a special cake on your birthday from a friend fills the heart with lots of happiness and satisfaction. Find the best bakery and get a very special and perfect birthday cake for your friend’s birthday celebration. Look for the designs wherever you can and place an online cake order in Bangalore or wherever your friend lives.

Deodorants Pack

We bet you that your friend will surely love this one. And you know what, you can also make fun of him/her by adding a note with the pack that reads ‘For the one who is always smelly’. But do not buy cheap quality deodorants. And if you know about the favourite brand or the type of deodorant your friend uses.

Paid Wallpapers For Mobile

We all have mobile phones, but only some pay attention to the design and beauty that wallpaper provides. If your friend is one of them who keeps looking for some cool wallpapers over the internet, then you can surprise him/her on the birthday by buying the paid wallpapers. Do not hand over the money to your friend. Take his/her mobile phone and buy the wallpapers. Give back the phone by changing the wallpaper. Indeed a perfect surprise!

A Pair Of Funky Socks

Do you know what is trending these days? Those who hold a knack for fashion are paying attention to the socks as well. There are many clothing brands who guessed the opportunity and now are having the advantage. The time for plain and lined socks is about to end. The socks, having cool and funky prints, are in demand. As a friendship is a relationship different from any other relationship in the world, you should stay unique with your gifting gesture to surprise your friend on his/her birthday. Gift a pack or a pair of funky socks.


It is an accessory that will never go out of fashion and even from all-time favourite gift items. Whether your friend is a girl or a boy, you can always make him/her smile by presenting a wristwatch as a birthday gift. You need to pick the wristwatch according to your friend’s personality and use it. If he/she is more of a professional person, then you should buy a chained wrist watch having a professional look. The trend of digital and smart wristwatches is high, and you can also go with it if your friend is a tech lover.

We hope you have decided what to give. Do not forget to thank us after surprising your friend!!!

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