Solar panels are a long-term investment, so it is necessary to go through the providers to find the right one you need. But how do you choose the best one from dozens of solar panel providers? If you feel overwhelmed by your options or are unsure where to start, follow this helpful step-by-step guide to find the best solar company.

Compile A List Of Available Solar Company

One of the easiest ways to compare solar companies, such as hawaii solar companies, is to create a document that includes the details of each company, all on one page. Using the word document, excel spreadsheet, or a sheet of paper and a pen, compile a list of available solar companies near you. This includes both small, local businesses and national companies that service your state.

To start your list, search for the best solar companies near you on Google, followed by state or city. After creating a list of companies, you can start to fill in the document with other information you compile over the next few steps.

Consider The Merits And Demerits Of Choosing A Local Installer Or A National Company

When comparing the options of companies, it is crucial to keep in mind the differences between the national company and the local business. Generally speaking, the larger companies are most established and can provide you with more comprehensive warranties. The companies should also provide you with payment options and the maintenance services like panel cleaning.

On the other hand, the best solar company are likely to be familiar with the rebates of your state and county permitting needs and requirements. And as they service fewer customers and locations, the process can move quicker, allowing you to make appointments for pricing quotes and installation sooner.

There is no wrong or right answer on this step; just consider whether a large or small company makes a difference for your requirements. Note on your document which company will fall under the category.

Check The Credentials Of The Company

Mostly, the experience is more important than the company size. Search on the company websites to find out how long each has been in business. See if any advertise how many solar panel systems they have installed and consider the types of roofing each company has worked with successfully in the past.

Along with the experience, take note of each company’s credentials in your comparison document. Most of the companies provide you with certifications online, but one can also call the executives of the company if one cannot find anything on the company site. This is one of the most important points that you should keep in mind while looking for the best solar company.

Read The Reviews

The experience and the certifications will not matter if the company doesn’t treat its customers well. From attaining the correct permits to choosing the size of your solar array to applying for state and federal tax credits, going solar is very complicated. You want to work with the best solar company that is approachable and helpful.

Look for the customer reviews on the websites of the company that you are planning to deal with. If you do not find any, or only find a few, you should ask the company directly for the references. Most will provide you with three to four references on your request.

Use the documents to take note of the impression that you get from the customer reviews. This will make it easier for you to remember the concerns you want to address with the company before the proceedings.


These were some of the pointers that you should consider while looking for the best solar company. Most of the people are now opting for solar panel istatltion, the right solar company will ensure that you get the correct installation and maintenance service.


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