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Gone are the days when people had to find jobs to earn some money. In fact, now is the time when the internet has taken over the world, and now people can make more money online than they can on a 9 to 5 job. You see if you know your skills and if you know how to put them in the right direction then with constant efforts you can make millions every year just by sitting at your home.

Right now filling out surveys on the internet is trending and a lot of people are making some really good money out of it. It’s simple here, and you don’t need any skills, in fact, all you need to give those surveys is your precious time. The process is simple, you find the right survey site after reading the reviews from sites like, you start filling out the surveys, and there you go, you can then earn some easy money.

Now, the only problem here is that there are several scam sites on the internet and it can really be difficult for you to know which site is legitimate and which one is not. So, to save yourself from such scams you should always read the reviews first and if  that doesn’t work much for you then here are some of the best legit sites to take paid online surveys;

1- Swagbucks

If you want to know about one of the biggest and the most reliable sites then that’s Swagbucks. You can easily make some good cash by completing surveys and polls on this site, and we’ve heard some pretty good reviews about it too. You can make somewhat around $2.40 every hour, and each survey will take only 10 minutes of yours. So, if you really want some success in the beginning then you should definitely try your luck here.

2- Toluna

Paid and cash vouchers, here at Toluna, all the polls and surveys are pretty easy and they won’t take much time of yours. Not only surveys in fact, here on Toluna you can even play some exciting games and earn some cash. Don’t you think it’s great to have some fun playing games and then make money out of it too? Well, if yes then join Toluna right now and enjoy the surveys.

3- MySurvey

This site is always in search of new members to join in and do the surveys because they then use these surveys and give them to the businesses who want to know the opinion of the consumer. The best part is that here at MySurvey, they will first look at your profile, check your info and then bring surveys to you that match your profile so that you don’t get bored while filling them out.

4- OnePoll

OnePoll provides surveys to major big brands and press, they’ve got short surveys that won’t take much time of yours, and this site is pretty legit so yes, you will make some money for the time you will spend here. Each survey is for about 3 minutes, and within 10 hours every day, you can make $40 which is quite a lot of money to be used every day.


These are some of the sites that legitimate and you can make some good cash out of them. However, this isn’t it, and there are a lot more websites out there that can bring you even more money within a short time. So, make your research, read the reviews and then joining the sites.

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