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NFL Rumors: Should the Eagles trade Carson Wentz?

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Last season, Carson Wentz took the Philadelphia Eagles on a similar ride that Dak Prescott did for the Dallas Cowboys in 2016. He started the season 11-2 before being tearing his ACL, Dak Prescott started the season 11-1 in his rookie year with 11 wins in a row.

Once Wentz went down, though a QB named Nick Foles who hadn’t started a game since 2015 with the Rams, and guided the Eagles to a 3-0 record to finish the season. Week 17 he was rested so that Nate Sudfield could get some playing time and the Eagles lost 6-0 to Dallas. 

Foles would then lead the Eagles to the team’s first ever Super Bowl victory with wins against Atlanta and Minnesota before beating the New England Patriots.


Wentz, who attended college at North Dakota State, broke his wrist in the 2015 season and missed 8 games due to it.  After being traded up for by the Philadelphia Eagles via the Cleveland Browns, and being made the number two pick overall, Wentz played his first preseason game that year and fractured his rib, forcing him to miss the rest of the preseason. He did end up playing all 16 games of the regular season that year for the Eagles.

In the 2017 season, he would start the year 11-2 and during the week 14 game against the Rams he would tear his ACL and not play another down for the Eagles. He would ultimately miss the first 2 games of the 2018 season due to the ACL tear still as he was hoping to be cleared to start the season.

The Eagles would also rule him out for the last three games of the regular season after injuring his back against the Cowboys this season.

Why Foles fits the Offense Better

Nick Foles who was thrusted into the starting job, following an injury to Carson Wentz, stepped up and won 6 straight games for the Eagles leading them to the team’s first Super Bowl.

Since taking over for Wentz, Foles has been sharp and then this season with the playoff hopes dwindling. He stepped in and his first game into action was against the then-No.1 seeded Los Angeles Rams and went 24-31 for 270 yards and beat the Rams 30-23 moving the Eagles within one game of the Cowboys for the NFC East.

Next up was the 10-4 Houston Texans and their stout defense.

What does Foles do? He leads them to a last-second 89-yard game winning drive.

Foles finished the game with 35-49 with 471 Yards and four TD’s. Now, if the Eagles win next week at Washington and Minnesota loses, the Eagles will be back in the playoffs.

Value for Wentz

Some are asking what the value for Wentz will be if he does get traded?

I will say this, I don’t think he is not a good QB because he is. I just feel that Foles is a better fit for the Eagles.  There are a couple of teams out there that will take a shot at Wentz if he were to be available, including but not limited to: Jacksonville, Oakland, Miami? New York Giants? Tampa Bay and/or Denver.

I can see Oakland giving up one of their three first round picks to get Wentz in an Oakland jersey, plus Jon Gruden loved Wentz coming out of college.

As a Cowboys fan, I would love for the Eagles to keep Wentz, and see him twice a year be possibly injured when the Cowboys play them.

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