People have a misconception that their children can waste their time on YouTube with funny videos and stupid jokes. Keep it in mind that YouTube is a broad platform for everyone, such as students, executives, actors, etc. YouTube offers a treasure of educational opportunities for teachers and learners. This online platform is actually empowering young teachers. They can share their knowledge with millions of people through YouTube video. You can make your lectures more exciting and creative with different tools. Toddlers can learn games, poems, and new words with YouTube videos showing kids playing and learning. For your assistance, here are some best YouTube channels for learning.

Crash Course

A popular channel of John Green has over 5.6 million subscribers. He is teaching a range of exciting subjects to children, such as psychology, ecology, biology, and history of the world. His fascinating videos are famous among students. The science series are filmed in Montana. The Ecology and Biology videos were filmed in the presence of the green screen.

Asap Science

Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit are Canadian YouTubers behind this great channel. The channel shares weekly videos on different subjects of science. They two are pop philosophers, artists, and musicians. They are proving that a science video can be fascinating. Their channel has over 6.3 million subscribers.

CGP Grey

He is a famous narrator of thought-provoking videos. He works on controversial topics, such as technology, history, politics, and religion. He co-hosts the popular podcast of the world “Hello Internet” with Brady Haran. CGP Grey has over 2.8 million subscribers.

Shots of Awe (Jason Silva)

Jason Silva is hosting Origins & Brain Games. You can view his freestyle on weekly philosophical series “shots of espresso” that geared to help you pondering the technological innovation and ingenuity. The channel has 371,000 subscribers and 24 million views.


Ted conference held in Vancouver each spring. Their YouTube channel has a beautiful library of educational videos. These videos represent collaborations between animators and talented educators nominated through their website. The channel has over 4.2 million subscribers and 552 million views.


See the wonders of the world through this channel. This is one of the best channels on YouTube to inspire curiosity and learning with mind-bending puzzles. Channel features 1.2 billion views and 11.8 million subscribers.


Hank Green is famous for his latest news and discoveries in science. With his enthusiasm and skepticism, he can deeply explore different things. With 4.2 million subscribers, this channel has excellent videos for learners.


Epipheo has engaging and funniest animated videos. Enhance your learning experience with immersive visuals and videos. They have an animation studio to produce compelling videos. Channel has 107,000 subscribers and 7.9 million views.

It’s Okay to be Smart

A curious group of Joe Hanson is exploring the atoms in this universe. He is elucidating the vast universe on his channel by telling how everything works as per science. You can find weekly videos on his channel to inspire your learning of science.

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