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Top Ten Money Making YouTube Channels Of 2018

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From gamers to comedians to vloggers, YouTubers are controlling media giants. These stars are earning in millions with their online activities and videos. Stars like PewDiePie and Logan Paul have millions of subscribers. They are enjoying their direct relationship with fans. Several YouTube stars are earning by making song videos for kids. Here are some independent stars on YouTube making good money from their YouTube channels.

1.  Ryan ToysReview (Earnings: $22 million)

Ryan is a 7-year old child who loves cars, trains, and Legos. He has 17 million followers on his YouTube channel. His current mini-mogul move is now available at Walmart.

2.  Jake Paul (Earning: $21.5 million)

The Jake Paul is earning good money with disgraced Logan. He is earning from thriving merchandise business. His goofy pranks and rap songs have over 3.5 billion views.

3.  Dude Perfect ($20 million)

A sports crew of five-man (Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Cory, and Coby Cotton) specializes in intricate tricks and dexterity. They can trigger Oreos domino-fall with hurling balls of Ping-Pong. Their videos successfully garnered 175 million views.

4.  Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) (Earning: $18.5 million)

Daniel Middleton is a famous British gamer specializes in the Minecraft. He amasses a following of over 20.7 million by playing Minecraft for almost 6 years on camera. He is earning money through merchandise and tour. His merchandise includes hoodies, baseball caps, and backpacks.

5.  Jeffree Star (Earning: $18 million)

A famous makeup artist of Myspace era has reinvented himself. He is renowned as a pretty mogul, confounding Star Cosmetics of Jeffree. The estimated sale of cosmetics is $100 million. Special cosmetics include highlighters, lipsticks, and eyeshadow.

6.  Markiplier (Earning: $17.5 million)

Markiplier is a Hawaii-native on his PS4 almost every day. The gamer explored North America and signed brands deals of seven figures. He has launched a high-end athleisure line “Cloak” for gamers.

7.  Vanoss Gaming (Earnings: $17 million)

Witty gamer from Canada, Evan Fong, is famous for Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. He started his hip-hop career, but the music was not lucky for him. He is famous among his fans for his unique videos.

8.  Jacksepticeye (Earnings: $16 million)

Energetic and foulmouthed Sean McLoughlin is a famous YouTuber in Ireland. People like him for his exciting video-game commentary. He was a part of Disney series. Nowadays, he is developing high-class content for Twitch (a live-streaming platform).

9.  PewDiePie (Earnings: $15.5 million)

Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish gamer, has 72.5 million followers on YouTube. Regardless of his scandals, people always like his videos. Despite a repercussion after reckless anti-Semitic videos, advertisers come back to his channel. He is shelling out almost $450,000 for sponsoring a video.

10. Logan Paul (Earnings: $14.5 million)

The Paul brothers start preferred programs on Google on YouTube. His efforts give favorable advertisement rates to the famous channel. He filmed a suicide video in Japan by hanging visibly from a tree. This wrong move hits his income from brand deals and funny videos. He is still earning a good amount from his merchandise business.

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