Introducing Elevate Jane, a modern smoke shop with a curated collection of pipes, bongs, joint holders, and vintage smoking accessories. The launch of their bong, Mimi (released on 4/20/20) and products on the site destigmatize cannabis with unique aesthetics and functional art pieces that smokers proudly display on their coffee tables. All pieces are made in the USA and glass is hand blown, with the ceramic pieces finished by hand, and accessories manufactured in small batches. Angela started Elevate Jane after spotting some beautiful ceramic pipes and bongs on Instagram, wondering why they were not available at smoke shops.

Angela states, “Smoking cannabis is a ritual, and your pipes + accessories are an integral part of it. Similarly to how crystal cut whiskey glasses are proudly displayed on bar shelves, cannabis pipes, bongs + joint accessories should be too. I was looking for the perfect bong – chic and high-functioning – and I couldn’t find one, so I made one. Meet Mimi.”

Every week or so, Elevate Jane releases a collection of 25-50 vintage sets that include a new glass joint holder, pipe, or bong, and it’s perfectly paired with vintage piece(s) – ashtray, rolling tray, or both. The shop also carries vegan hemp wick, cannabis leaf kitchen tools, art-centered magazines, and one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find in your typical smoke shop.

This weekend’s vintage drop is centered around locally-blown glass ‘Lady J’ joint holders (in the shape of a woman’s silhouette) paired with vintage Murano ashtrays, known to be of the highest quality of glass made in Venice, Italy.

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