Doctor’s offices are notoriously known for freezing temperatures and workers are left to wear layers under medical scrubs to stay warm. Enter Silver Lining, a stylish alternative without the bulky layers, combining high quality fabrics with the comfort of a pair of PJ’s. Founder Tiffany Sudre began researching the best fabric combinations and popular styles among healthcare professionals. As a dentist who was consistently cold at work, Tiffany was looking for warm scrubs and alas, found nothing. So she created her own solution by integrating her own fabric into the uniforms. Mainstream medical scrubs consist of thin, breathable fabric that allows cold air in. Silver Lining scrubs are both breathable and thicker so you can skip the layers and not overheat. 

Tiffany says “As a dentist, I was used to wearing leggings and long sleeve shirts under my scrubs every day. With a 1 hour commute to work, the leggings would constantly dig into my stomach and I had to adjust my scrubs because they would slide over the leggings. I looked for warmer options so I could ditch the layers, but there weren’t any! I worked with designers and manufacturers for over a year to come up with the perfect fabric combinations to make a completely lined garment that wouldn’t look bulky at all and would keep you warm at work without causing you to overheat, and I think we nailed it!”

The company donates a portion of proceeds to Operation Warm, which provides new coats for kids in need. Silver Lining is expanding sizing to include petite and tall length pants in the Fall and a mandarin collar lined top and jogger style lined scrub pants, which will be a bamboo mixed fabric.

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