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Brittany’s Blog: A Peek into the Darkness

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Hello my beautiful readers! I missed you so much! Sorry it’s been a while since my last article but I’m back! As you know most of my articles are of a very taboo nature and usually very explicit as well.

I bet some of you are wondering who I am, and why I’m so comfortable discussing such topics. Well this article will answer those questions, as well as give you a look at my life and the reasoning behind my style!

My name is Brittany Montgomery. I am 26 years old from Akron, Ohio. I have 3 amazing children and am in a very challenging but also very rewarding relationship with a wonderful person. I was raised by my mother along with my little sister without the help of our deadbeat fathers. I have traveled all over the US, and have plans to travel outside of the US in the future. I have a ridiculous love for animals and children and have 2 crazy adorable cats named Tommy, and Anakin (yes I named him after Skywalker).

My boyfriend of two years is a retired Spec Ops sniper for the US Army. My mother is a Homeland security scholar with a master’s degree in cyber security and she is working on another masters as we speak. I have 3 beautiful nieces whom look just like their amazing mommy, my beautiful baby sister Alyssa.

I’m a convicted felon 2 times over (regrettably). I am a recovering heroin addict (4yrs clean!) but I do smoke the ganja all day, every day! So there’s the summary, now to the story…

I was 15 years old when I got pregnant with my first child (also the age I lost my virginity) and chose to drop out of high school to work full time. I had her at 16 years old on Nov. 8, 2006 at 11:36pm. She was perfect and I had never felt so much love and need for anyone like I felt when I held her for the first time. I wasn’t the best mom in the world I’ll admit to that, but I was young and had no idea what I was doing and I wasn’t ready at all. Luckily I had an amazing mom who helped me and still helps me, even though I’m sure I didn’t and probably still don’t make it easy.

At 18 years old, I was pregnant with my oldest son and planning my wedding to the father of both. I knew he wasn’t the one, but I was young and naïve so I married him anyway. The wedding was small and held in the courthouse on July, 30, 2008. My son was born January, 3, 2009. He was just the quietest baby and so curious about everything.

He stopped breathing on me when he was 6 weeks old and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. He died from sudden infant death syndrome but was revived by paramedics. They sent him home on a heart monitor with a home nurse daily until they were sure he would be alright. I swear I have never lost so much sleep over a beeping sound in my life as I did then. He is now a beautiful happy 6-year-old boy and my little miracle baby.

He is autistic but it doesn’t stop him from being the smartest kid in his class.

I left my husband in May of 2009 after enduring physical and emotional abuse for years. I took my children when I left to protect them, however they did need therapy after witnessing the abuse I suffered. My husband was a great man when we met, but after he began heavily using prescription pain killers his personality changed and he became someone awful.

We are still legally married and I plan to divorce as soon as I have the funds to do so. But in Ohio with children, my divorce will cost around $900 and take around 6 months to a year to finalize.

My husband was the person who introduced me to drugs and after so much abuse I picked up the needle. The first time I tried heroin was with a friend I trusted. I wish I could say it was peer pressure but the truth is, I was bored and it was free. The high made me emotionally and physically numb, and with the abuse and sadness it became my antidepressant.

I used heroin for 4 years spending from $20 a day in the beginning to $180 sometimes $200 a day. I began stripping at local clubs to support my habit. And after leaving my husband the heroin didn’t stop. I have been clinically dead 9 times, I have regrettably hurt people by either using them or getting them addicted too.

When I was 20, I met Jeremiah and we dated for 2 years during which time I got him addicted to heroin and also got pregnant again. When I found out I was pregnant I weaned myself off of the heroin and stayed clean till after he was born. I had a tubal ligation done after he was born, the pain was so severe and the medicine I was given wasn’t strong enough so I relapsed. After another year of heroin abuse, I gave custody of my kids to my mother and checked myself into rehab.

I suffered seizures, vomiting, sleep deprivation, chills, sweats, pain and more but I was determined to get clean, and I did. November 22, 2011 was my first day clean and the day I chose to take my life back.

Now my youngest son was born February 11, 2011 at 6:53 am. He was the chunkiest most well behaved baby and looked just like me. We were a happy little family despite Jeremiah and my drug use, but after rehab his father left us and chose heroin over our family. My son hasn’t seen his father since he was 8 months old, he is now 5 years old and today is his birthday.

Despite not having a father in his life my son has excelled in life. He has the highest grades in his class, he’s well behaved and kind hearted, and is a total mommy’s boy (but I love it). His dad calls once in a while claiming to want to be a father to him, but as of yet hasn’t followed through. Again, luckily I have my mother.

When I was 23, I was arrested for assembly to manufacture methamphetamine, it was later dropped to an aggravated possession of methamphetamine charge thanks to my attorney. I then stupidly went on the run for 2 years not wanting to face prison. After meeting a man who basically opened my eyes and saved me from myself I turned myself in and did my time, and just recently finished my felony probation.

When I was 18 years old, I was working at an adult store selling porn and sex toys. I felt comfortable talking about sex-related topics since I had been a stripper before starting work there. I was quickly promoted and given my own store and I was climbing the ladder to success until I quit my job after being sexually harassed and propositioned by my superior.

I am still comfortable discussing sexual topics but still don’t take kindly to perverts harassing me.

I began blogging 4 years ago just to put my thoughts on paper, but my modeling career was my main focus. Then one fateful day, Robert Cobb contacted me about writing for his magazine and I figured why not? He gave me permission to cover any topic I want to so I decided to cover the topics that people aren’t used to reading about such as sex, drugs, abuse, bdsm, and sexuality. I am still happily doing so and still happily working with Mr. Cobb today.

So there’s a peek at the author I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned and follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/britsays or on Twitter @brytni2015.

Love you twisted fucks and remember it’s not your job to be perfect, it’s your job to be different! Till next time!

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