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Brooklyn Nets: What to do with Brook Lopez?

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The Brooklyn Nets are in total rebuild mode but how does that fit into the plans of Brook Lopez? Lopez is the last holdover from a team that was picked to win it all jus a few seasons ago; now everyone is gone, and he looks stranded on a deserted island. What should the Nets do with him?

It’s said that to have a successful rebuild you need at least one-star player to get you through the hard times. But in Brooklyn’s case how much of a losing strain do they want to continue to put on Lopez’s shoulders? Last season the Nets, in the middle of a 21-61 season decided to sit their starters for the remaining two weeks and play the young guys. That right there should’ve been enough for Lopez and his agent to hit the office and demand a trade.


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Lopez has been the glue, after dealing with nagging injuries throughout his career he has been relatively healthy the last two season, which also has turned out to be the seasons where it all started to fall apart for the Nets. Not saying Lopez is the problem, but he’s not part of the solution either. Lopez is signed for another two seasons but at $21M what team is willing to take a risk with an oft-injured ex-All Star?

The Nets will not smell the playoffs for a few more years, but hasn’t Lopez done enough for the organization to let him enjoy his prime years with a contender? When a good deed is done it’s only right you pay that forward, right? Kevin Garnett had a no-trade clause that he waived for the Nets to move forward with a youth moment which allowed them to get Thaddeus Young. This is the same team that got tired of Deron Williams and let him walk out the door, and did the same for Joe Johnson, but yet they continue to hold Lopez hostage.

Lopez put up a per of 21 points, eight rebounds and two blocks in 2015. We can expect more of the same in ’16, but what will it be for? What happens if they are hovering around the 15-win mark come April, do they sit him again, or allow him to risk injury knowing they have nothing to play for? The Nets have a plan in motion for a complete do-over but out of respect for Lopez, please let him go so he won’t be dragged through the mud.

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