For the most part, unemployment rates in the U.S. have been stable over the last couple of years.

Yes, employers are now more likely to hire workers on a part-time basis, but landing any job is important when you don’t have one. At you can get helpful suggestions on how to fill out applications with various major employers.

There’s a fairly obvious reason that some people can’t get hired, no matter how many job applications they are filling out. In most cases, they are not filling them out thoroughly or completely.

Then there are just those who put in minimal effort and almost make a joke out of the job application process.

When reviewing statistics about unemployment in the U.S., here are some reasons why some people are remaining unemployed.

Lack of Effort

No one wants to say it, but there are people who are putting minimal effort into their job searches. They might not really want to work at all or they may believe that they haven’t found a job that is a good fit yet. Either way, they barely complete job applications, send in resumés that haven’t been proofread, and rarely follow-up on leads when they’re first posted.

It might be laziness, but it is also easy to get depressed after you have already been looking for a job for months and nothing good comes of your efforts.

Underqualified for Positions

Ever see a high paying job posted that you think you would be a good fit for, until you see some of the listed prerequisites. Every once in a while, a job seeker can luck out by going for a position that seems like a long shot. Consider sales positions that ask for applicants with a college degree. If you previously worked in the sales field and you have some impressive stats but no college diploma, it won’t hurt to send in a resumé anyways. On the other hand, if you have only worked in an entry level fast food position, you have to be realistic about being unqualified.

Poor Job Markets

There are some places in the U.S. where a school teacher might have a difficult time finding a job. In places such as Delaware, there is very little need for skilled workers. Other states barely offer any jobs that are above minimum wage. These regions will continue to struggle with high unemployment rates because there are few jobs to go around and even fewer applicants who are interested in applying for them.

Job markets have to offer the unemployed a realistic living wage or else the job seekers would actually end up being worse off. People who are out of work usually qualify for welfare, unemployment, and other subsidies that can help them to eat, pay their bills, and get access to transportation. Once they become employed all of those benefits stop.

After a while, you can just stop caring about getting a job when you have gone for 50 unsuccessful interviews. Some people learn how to cope without being unemployed; in fact, some of them go into business for themselves and never need to seek outside employment again.

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