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Lifestyle: 4 Reasons To Get Rid Of Cable In 2018

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People watch a lot of television even if they don’t want to admit it. Most people have a select list of shows that they watch at set times because it gives them something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, a lot of cable subscribers end up paying a high price just to watch the television a few hours a day.

At Netflixguides.com, those considering cutting the cord in 2018 can find many reasons to make the change. Netflix subscribers are never bored and always have new content to look forward to, so find out if any of these four reasons to get rid of cable this year apply to you.

1. It’s Cheaper

When you don’t pay for cable you have a much lower monthly budget. Cable bills are often bundled with home telephone service and the internet. Well first of all, who even uses landline phones anymore? Second, there’s a bunch of companies that offer inexpensive and fast internet packages. Get rid of cable and you may see some of your other household bills get cheaper, too.

2. You Get More Freedom

People that have subscriptions to services like Netflix not only know what they want to watch on any given day, they can cue up their favorite shows and movies in minutes. Want to watch the latest season of ‘Stranger Things?’ Just turn on a television, computer, or even your phone, login to Netflix and you can binge watch all day long.

3. Get More Control Over What You Watch

Sometimes when you pay for premium cable television stations you get excited about the new movies that are set to premiere. Then after you watch and enjoy them, you realize that the same films are going to be shown again and again all month long. It won’t be long before you are thoroughly sick of a movie that you were just looking forward to watching a few weeks ago.

4. Save Money on Energy

With cable, you’re going to pay hundreds of dollars each month whether you watch a little bit or a lot. For that reason, a lot of cable subscribers tend to keep the T.V. on, even when they aren’t even paying attention to what’s being shown. If you have televisions in several rooms, you might be increasing your electricity bill so that you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from cable. It’s a strange and wasteful cycle that can be remedied by ditching cable, streaming your television shows and keeping the television on only when you’re ready to enjoy it.

No matter which way you cut it, there’s just no good reason you should be spending upward of $200 a month just so you can watch television at home. People who have cut the cord have reported saving thousands every year on a bill that doesn’t have anything to do with sustaining themselves. You might not be able to drop your food bill or your rent payments that much, but you can certainly drop cable television from the menu and still be well entertained.

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