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Can The Ohio State Buckeyes Snap The SEC’s Championship Streak?

The SEC has dominated college football the last several years, winning one national championship after another. Ohio State has been a victim in the past, but head coach Urban Meyer feels as though 2013 could be different. So can Ohio State break through and end the SEC run?

Last season, if not for NCAA violations, the Buckeyes more than likely would have had a shot to play Notre Dame in the BCS Championship game. They took advantage of a pretty weak overall schedule, and they did not play in the Big Ten Championship game, but they took care of business and beat the teams they needed to.

Sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller was a big reason why they ran the table a year ago, and he returns for his junior season as a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate. His ability to create with his legs and his arm will be huge for the Buckeyes and fantasy football owners, especially early in the season when running back Carlos Hyde has to sit out due to a suspension.

Another thing working in Ohio State’s favor is that they have a coach from the SEC. Urban Meyer actually has a national championship on his résumé from when he led Florida over Ohio State in the 2006 BCS Championship game. He has done a superb job turning the team into his style of play, and he can build on his experience playing against different SEC schools if they get that matchup.

Finally, the schedule works heavily in the favor of the Buckeyes. It gives them little margin of error, because just one loss will probably keep them out of the top two. Road games against Northwestern and Michigan are the biggest challenges, but the rest of the schedule plays out well for the Bucks.

Dethroning the SEC will certainly be a tough task, but if any team is capable of pulling it off, it is Ohio State. They have the tools to be the most dangerous team for whoever emerges out of that conference.

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