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iPhone Leaks: Apple Unveiling iPhone 5S And Less Expensive iPhone 5C

Apple is set to release new info on their upcoming addition to the iPhone line on September 10th.

The most intriguing part about this is that Apple is going to be releasing a cheaper, entirely plastic version of the iPhone.  With out the metal edges and core, the new iPhone 5C is reportedly available in many colors. Apple is trying to make a dent in the Android market that has seen steady growth as of late.

Both phones will be running iOS 7, revealed back in June during an Apple press conference.

Boasting several improvements to the software, iOS 7 looks to cool off Android and the gap that it is gaining. While the iPhone is the most purchased cell phone, there are more android smart phones on the market.

With recent backlash from supporters and critics alike, Apple needs to make a statement showing they are still the innovators they once were.  Will this be a good year for the tech giant or will the iPhone become second-class.

Our take:

Seems like Apple is going after consumer’s pocket books. With multiple colors and now multiple sku’s, it looks like Apple might get a few more customers.  Look for the new iPhone 5C to break into the market at $99 with new upgrade.

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