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Can WWE Save The Raw Women’s Division At WrestleMania 33?


March 21, 2017

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First there were two. Then we’re there were three. Now there are four.


WWE has now booked a fatal four-way match for the Raw Women’s Title in an attempt to keep all four of their top female stars relevant. Either the company has lost its stroke in keeping the evolution of this division going, or it has already been determined that Bayley is a weak champion. Whatever the reason, fans will see Nia Jax join Charlotte and Sasha Banks in a ring-around-the-poise type match at WrestleMania 33. Jax continues to dominate in the ring, having beaten both Banks and Bayley, but should not win in Orlando.

I doubt seriously this is what fans had in mind when Stephanie McMahon spoke about a revolution over a year and a half ago. Watching these four women, albeit very talented performers, dance with each other and play hot potato each week is doing nothing to make women relevant again in professional wrestling.

With all due respect to the concept of women getting in a wrestling ring and showing what they are made of, what WWE has done is nothing more than create stagnation.

Charlotte is the class of the division. Banks is the popular bad ass. The current champion, was a huge part of NXT, but has not delivered on the main roster like she did down in Orlando. And the neophyte Jax was brought up to the main roster because of her size and her expected dominance but really isn’t ready.

Other than those four, you can’t talk about another woman in the ring. There are none. Alicia Fox is into consideration, and there aren’t enough women in developmental territories to bring in. This is a prime example of why the brand split didn’t work for everybody involved.

To make matters worse, Banks can’t turn heel because there isn’t a proven baby face that can take her place. At least when it comes to booking men in the ring, the baby face and the heel are interchangeable.

I’m hoping that following WrestleMania 33, there are major changes to both the red and blue rosters. It wouldn’t surprise me if somebody like Mickie James moved to Monday nights. It also wouldn’t surprise me is Asuka made her appearance on the main roster following the next pay-per-view. If there aren’t changes made in the short term, this division could once again sink into the abyss.

I’m not exaggerating.

There is no way Jax can carry the women’s banner right now. She is too green. Charlotte winning in Orlando would make sense, but only if there is a strong contender that comes out of the woodwork to challenge her. Oh, how I wish I could see her and Trish Stratus go at it for 60 minutes.

Banks needs to turn heel and challenge Bayley at SummerSlam. For there to be peace and progression, the times they must change. Anything other than these scenarios set the company up for failure.

Oh my, when did we hear this before?

What started out as a great idea that finally gained traction is spiraling with no stopping point in sight. Even the return of Paige would help make things better.

For there to be progression, WWE must figure out how to make this division relevant again. Charlotte and Banks proved they can carry the torch. Now it’s time to see somebody else can do it with just as much excitement.

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