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KPO, MLB, & NPB Baseball: What You Need to Know!

Though many associate baseball with the US, the sport actually has its origins in England. Dating back centuries, baseball was originally a rudimentary ball throwing game, with rules regarding bases, pitches, and home runs fluctuating throughout the ages. By the mid-1800s, baseball was beginning to take its modern shape in the rural towns of New England in the United States. At this time, the game varied greatly by each town or
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Korean Baseball Organization: How The KBO Became America’s Newest Pastime

It is 5:00am in the morning and usually when you wake up at this time, you are just waking a from a good night’s sleep and ready to steel yourself to begin another day in lockdown. Except that instead of watching re-runs of classic games or binging on Netflix, you have a new obsession that is going on live 6,000 miles away. Korean Baseball, or better known as KBO. In