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Singer and Noted Instagrammer Kevin Keew Releases a New Single, “Brazilian Style”

England’s own Kevin Keew’s new single “Brazilian Style” pays tribute to the Latin country’s unique and amazing musical heritage, featuring Samba, Bailey Funk, and the dance craze “Passinho dos Maloka.” Singer, model, and an influencer with 841K followers on Instagram, Keew is in love with all things Brazilian, and his new hit is catchy, memorable, and infectious to any crowd. “Brazilian Style,” available now on Spotify, gets its inspiration from
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Here’s How To Find The Best Fitness Trainer Accounts On Instagram

Are you a fitness freak searching accounts of really good fitness trainers on to follow on Instagram? Well, then you are in the right place; just keep reading. You can track your gym buddies or instructor You might have friends in your follower’s list who are also fitness freaks like you. You can see whom they follow to get some idea. You would not be able to directly do that
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The Hustle: Dreams of Being an Instagram Model

So, you're sitting at home, looking through IG, and the thought comes into your mind that maybe just maybe, sharing photos of your drawings, baked goods, or your aesthetically-pleasing surroundings, or your selfie-game may pave the way to generate an actual business. Which is extremely relevant now because of COVID-19. It's possible, especially since a key part to it all is to utilize the resources you have That is, as
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No-To-Do List of Instagram

Well, service providers for Instagram, such as Famoid's services, and others can be a great help if you get in touch with them. They help you use this platform in the right way and save you from making unnecessary mistakes. The way this account should be handled includes many tricks and strategies, but along with them, one needs to learn about the things they should avoid doing or accepting. This
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Try famoid to boos followers for your Instagram profile

Are you having an Instagram account for your business? Then you would be familiar with the fact that it can give you great clients from a wide range of audiences from the entire world. The only thing you have to do is to offer marked quality content on your account, which has enough potential to influence your audience. Within a few times, you will notice a great traffic in your
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How to Get your Instagram Post on the top of the Feed?

Today, everyone is using Instagram as a user or some people with huge following have turned into the famous Instagram bloggers or influencers. Even more, there are huge numbers of brands and businesses operating through Instagram for the sole purpose of increasing the sales funnel and the brand visibility. However, the competition is very saturated on these platforms. The target audience is following similar brands at one profile which means
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How to Get More Followers with Instagram Stories?

  The Stories have completely revolutionized the Instagram landscape, as they have become the preferred way for users to interact. In addition, its prominent place within the application maximizes its visibility. So, let's see some ideas to improve the reach of our Stories and get more Instagram followers through them. ·   Post often. The Stories disappear every 24 hours, so at least it is advisable to publish one a
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Instagram Algorithm: Which Factors Influence Your Instagram Feed?

The Instagram algorithm aims to surface the best, most relevant content to the users in their feeds. It is a complex structure that is upgraded consistently ever since it was introduced in 2016. Until the key ranking factors for Instagram posts were known, the inner working of its algorithms was kept under the wraps. As a marketer, you need to stay ahead of all the trends in the Instagram algorithm
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Instagram Direct On A Big Screen: Three Ways To Chat From A Computer

Regardless of you are an Instagram influencer, a business owner of a mom of three, we bet you use Instagram Direct. The in-app chat room offers various options from a Snapchat-like disappearing messages to sharing GIFs and voice messages. In 2019 you don't need to switch the app to share your impressions or keep in touch with like-minded people.  While the integral chat is manageable from the phone, if you