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INSC Magazine: An Intro to Lola Astanova – Queen of the Keys

“Fabulous !!!! Queen of the Keys !!!”  Brian May, Queen When you envision the type of artist who performs at Carnegie Hall, who do you imagine? What do they look like? What are they wearing? Now, forget everything you think you know about classical pianist and feast your dry eyes on Lola Astanova.  Breaking the stereotype is an understatement when it comes to this world-renowned female pianist. She has equipped
Donald Trump

Donald Trump: So, About Trump’s Misogyny and Racism….

Prior to being elected as our 45th President, one of the harshest criticisms of President-Elect Donald Trump, and deservedly so in my opinion, was that his rhetoric and past actions, reeked of misogyny and racism. Indeed, saying that "it's impossible to be flat-chested and be a 10", referring to Rosie O'Donnell as a "fat pig", and commenting that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the individual tasked with reviewing the lawsuit against Trump
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An American Muslim’s Open Letter to Donald Trump: I Challenge You To A Debate About Islam

Mr. Trump, I hope that this letter reached you in the best of health and spirits. Mr. Trump, earlier today, you gave a speech in South Carolina where you proclaimed multiple times that you are for everyone. That by running for the office of the President of the United States, that somehow, your xenophobic rhetoric is inclusive of everyone, when in fact you have been the most divisive and toxic
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Donald Trump: The American Hitler

If people do not know history, then they are doomed to repeat it. This saying is something that all people are told, but its truth has never been more obvious then with Donald Trump's meteoric rise to the top of the GOP race. The Donald is a reflection of the worst of American culture. By appealing to a mostly uneducated White constituency with racial leanings, Trump has shown the world
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Politics: Donald Trump, Our Next President

Nov. 8, 2016 can’t come soon enough for me. This is the date the country elects a new president. This is the date that I hope, with every bone in my body, Donald Trump is elected. Trump getting elected would be the best thing that could happen to this country for a couple of reasons. First, a Trump victory would serve as an important lesson for the GOP. There are