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Donald Trump: So, About Trump’s Misogyny and Racism….

Prior to being elected as our 45th President, one of the harshest criticisms of President-Elect Donald Trump, and deservedly so in my opinion, was that his rhetoric and past actions, reeked of misogyny and racism. Indeed, saying that "it's impossible to be flat-chested and be a 10", referring to Rosie O'Donnell as a "fat pig", and commenting that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the individual tasked with reviewing the lawsuit against Trump
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New York Yankees: Closer options in free agency

With the 2016-17 offseason Winter Meetings set to kick off next week, it would seem like the appropriate time to start speculating on what the New York Yankees will do to set themselves up for success in 2017, and beyond. When the Yankees rose the white flag last summer, Brian Cashman was given a mandate by Hal Steinbrenner - if you're going to dismantle the fearsome threesome affectionately nicknamed "No
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Donald Trump: Having a change of….mind

I have always prided myself in not making rash decisions, emotionally driven. I have not always been successful in avoiding such mistakes, but when it comes to life altering decisions, I believe I've done a good job of avoiding them. A few weeks ago, I had written an article, detailing my reasons for voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party nominee for President. Those reasons remain valid today. But, a

Politics: Why Trump Supporters Will Cost Republicans Congress

Six years ago, I began my life of political activism. Granted, I did what I could for the Rudy Giuliani campaign in 2008, and I voted for John McCain in the General Election, but didn't really become an activist until 2010, after the passage of Obamacare via Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid in the Senate. I had joined my county's Republican Executive Committee as a Precinct Committeeman that year,
Donald Trump
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Did Donald Trump make the right choice with Steve Bannon?

It seems these days that you wake up turn on the television, flip through the channels, land on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, or another media outlet, and inevitably there's a story about the Donald Trump campaign. Whether it has to do with incendiary remarks a la referring to a Hispanic judge as a Mexican that can't be trusted to be fair or insinuating that gun owners could be the force