Prior to being elected as our 45th President, one of the harshest criticisms of President-Elect Donald Trump, and deservedly so in my opinion, was that his rhetoric and past actions, reeked of misogyny and racism.

Indeed, saying that “it’s impossible to be flat-chested and be a 10”, referring to Rosie O’Donnell as a “fat pig”, and commenting that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the individual tasked with reviewing the lawsuit against Trump University, couldn’t be impartial because he’s Mexican, all played well into that narrative.

Parading out his wife and daughter to clamp down on his woes with women voters, was akin to a white man resorting to the old “I’m not a racist! Many of my best friends are black!” The imagery just looks more desperate than beneficial.

Well, some will view what I’m about to say in the same sort of light, that these people aren’t proof of anything, and this is just Trump’s way of placating the masses that see him as the pig that he is. Of course, that’s not the way I see it, or else I wouldn’t even be writing this article.

For those that haven’t followed along as Mr. Trump has paraded out his appointments to his incoming administration, allow me to update you on what has transpired over the last several weeks. For the purposes of this piece, the focus, of course, will be on the women, and minorities (and in a few cases, both), whom will be encompassing his team.

Betsy DeVos – The first female appointment to Trump’s cabinet, is a lady by the name of Betsy DeVos, to be the new Secretary of Education. This pick is widely viewed, by the left, as a disaster for education, because of her “all the above” view regarding how to fix the system. Ms. DeVos favors vouchers, charter schools, public schools, in order to provide the maximum number of opportunities to parents.

It’s easy to see why the left would loathe her, and why conservatives love the choice.

Elaine Chao – Selected to be Transportation Secretary, the former Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush is married to Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. This choice was viewed less favorably by conservatives, because of her ties to the Republican Establishment. However, having 2 women in prominent cabinet roles, isn’t quite what you’d expect from someone that looks down on the female gender.

Nikki Haley – The Governor of South Carolina, and the first female of Indian descent to occupy the position, Ms. Haley was selected to be the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Much speculation was abound that this pick was politically motivated – South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, Henry McMaster, was an early supporter of Trump, while Haley was not. Regardless, she is viewed favorably by conservatives, and provides diversity, not only in terms of race, but obviously, gender.

Linda McMahon – Co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), McMahon had previously run for the United States Senate in Connecticut, being defeated by incumbent Senator, Richard Blumenthal in 2010. Ms. McMahon will be Trump’s Small Business Administration head

Dr. Ben Carson – This pick is one of the most controversial, not in terms of who he is, but in terms of what he’ll be in charge of – Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It would have been easy to see him as the head of Health and Human Services (HHS), or as our next Surgeon General. But, perhaps his background of growing up in low income housing, will serve him well.

Ronna Romney McDaniel – Before you ask, yes, she is related to former Governor and GOP Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney. Ms. McDaniel has been tapped by President-Elect Trump to replace current RNC Chairman, and incoming White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, as the the RNC Chairman. McDaniel serves as the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, and while she, too, represents an establishment flavor, she once again provides more of that diversity that is the theme of this whole list.

And so, given all the controversy in regards to Steve Bannon (White House Chief Strategist), Michael Flynn (National Security Adviser), Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State), and all the Wall Street executives that will make up the Trump economic team, the aforementioned list of talent, isn’t worthy of NEAR the criticism.

Conservatives never advocate for diversity for the sake of diversity, because we believe that one’s qualifications for a job should be limited to that which is required for the job, and not based on the color of one’s skin, or which body parts one possesses.

However, it IS worthwhile to examine these things, especially when the mainstream media has a love affair with harping on controversial items, such as how a presidential candidate, nominee, and now President-Elect, views women and minorities – the two victim groups that the left is obsessed over exploiting.

So much for that.


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  1. As a fat person I can tell you, unfortunately, I agree with President Trump. Rosie O’Donnell IS a fat pig but not because she is overweight. She is a pig because she picks on little kids, i.e. Baron Trump. She is a pig because she is uncouth and not someone I care to watch, nor do I, and her obnoxious mouth is nauseating. Truth be told? I don’t watch that group of sorry women and never had because it seems as though they are all up there glorifying themselves because that’s the only glory they’ll ever get. What man would want to hop in bed with those women? Most men prefer Trump’s wife to those ungodly excuses for anything but femininity. As a woman, I think they all missed the grade somewhere along the line and this is the ONLY way they can feel good about themselves – by putting others down. In this way, they don’t need to face the reality of what they are – ugly in mind, body and spirit.

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