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What Does Six Flags Fiesta Texas Have In Store For Wonder Woman Golden Lasso?

We finally know where the first RMC Raptor coaster will go. Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be introducing, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, to the public next spring. RMC is known to produce some groundbreaking attractions. The Raptor track is just the latest innovation from the manufacturer. As construction starts on the newest Six Flags coaster, there are still some questions about Wonder Woman that remain. The most obvious concern for
Viper at Six Flags Great America
Viper - Six Flags Great America
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Viper Is An Underrated Gem At Six Flags Great America

I'm not the biggest fan of wooden coasters. Although, after a trip to Six Flags Great America, I might have to change my tune. Viper, one of the parks wooden coasters, has become one of my all-time favorites. It's still puzzling to me as to why I have it ranked so high, but for some reason, it just blew me away. Built in 1995, Viper is the only coaster Six
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Whats Does Six Flags Have In Store For 2018?

With all the hype surrounding Cedar Fair's two new RMC coasters, Six Flags needs to do something big. Six Flags CEO, John Duffey, announced the 2018 plans for the theme park chain, and they look to be very promising. Duffey stated that the theme park chain would be releasing five new rides for the 2018 season. Of these five, he mentioned they would be record-breaking, and the first of their