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Nashville Hot! Q and A With ‘I Still Remember’ Singer, Caroline Romano!

  NASHVILLE, TN – In a city that has produced and launched the careers of pop and country stars such as Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Kelsey Ballerini, “Music City’ may have it’s next star in the making in Caroline Romano. A tall, slender and fair-skinned beauty with model-worthy looks, the 19-year-old crooner from the Magnolia State has a catchy upbeat pop sound that compliments her smoldering Insta-worthy
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Top reasons why more and more musicians have resorted to buying instrumental beats

Whether you’re new to the music industry or you’re an experienced producer, looking for beats for sale is one of the smartest things that you can do. In this tech-savvy world, the internet has emerged as one of the best resources to make things easier for music artists. It is very easy to access music platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube and get more exposure than you would have got a
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Singer and Noted Instagrammer Kevin Keew Releases a New Single, “Brazilian Style”

England’s own Kevin Keew’s new single “Brazilian Style” pays tribute to the Latin country’s unique and amazing musical heritage, featuring Samba, Bailey Funk, and the dance craze “Passinho dos Maloka.” Singer, model, and an influencer with 841K followers on Instagram, Keew is in love with all things Brazilian, and his new hit is catchy, memorable, and infectious to any crowd. “Brazilian Style,” available now on Spotify, gets its inspiration from
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Chris Deville’s Shinedown Review Reeks Of Superficialness

Chris Deville of Stereogum wrote a review of the band Shinedown. What it actually did illustrated what not to do. It was superficial and filled with stereotypes.  The most obvious one was this. "Shinedown’s music seems designed for a particular hyper-masculine military-friendly red-state demographic." Another one is "we Shinedown newcomers might mistake '45' for a tribute to President Donald J. Trump, it’s actually a slow jam from way back in ’03 that refers to 'staring

Gerry Creates Own Prophesy by Releasing New Single

Gerry Mancuso possesses musical prowess like no other, going as far as creating a fusion of classic, contemporary rock, and metal genres. While working as a warehouse manager by day, Gerry spends his spare time honing in on his virtuosity. His first album, “Oceans” was released in 2005 and was followed by several more albums. His album, “Prophesy” is reminiscent of instrumental metal and classic rock music, with hints of
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The Changing Face of Pop Music

Music, especially pop music, tends to be seen as a perfect reflection of mainstream culture. It’s also known for flaunting the more rebellious side of our world as we shift to new social paradigms. A quick look at pop trends tells you volumes about our culture and how it grows. What was scandalous or unusual in the 80s is now commonplace, or even campy. As our society continues to shift,

Why Learning to Play the Ukulele This Summer Is an Awesome Idea!

 Ukuleles are starting to be very popular, and while they may not overtake the guitar as the mainstream stringed instrument of choice, they are definitely on the rise. For the past few years, we are seeing ukuleles pop up everywhere, from major pop music videos to our favorite Instagram accounts. If you are on the fence about whether you get a ukulele or not, then here are a few reasons
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Music: Why Chance The Rapper’s Be Encouraged Tour Will Be A Big Hit

Chance the Rapper announced after his first tour that he would be going on tour again including multiple cities he left out of his first tour, and multiple festivals. With Chance making his final stop in Tampa, Florida at the Amalie Arena. The city was already packed with U2 making it's stop in Tampa as well, but Chance has the Amalie Arena bursting at the seams! With special Donnie Trumpet,