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What is ICSI-IVF: Important Things to Know

For those who have been finding difficulty in conception, you've probably looked into different options, such as the ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) procedure. However, not a lot of people are familiar with ICSI, only learning about it during their research or when doing the IVF procedure already. So what is ICSI and what makes it a great option when doing it together with IVF? More importantly, can ICSI help with
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How not to spoil your kid’s teeth?

Over the years parents have become more concerned for the well-being of teethes of their children and why not because everyone loves their kids like they love their partner although that most of the parents don’t realize that they are spiking their kids’ teeth by exposing them to all those things that spoil their teeth. Being a parent, you are always concerned about your kid's dental health but still because
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8 Immune System Boosting Tips for Seniors: Exercise and More

As you grow older, it is not just the physical and cognitive health which gets affected; the immune system also becomes weaker. The more the immune system suffers, your vulnerability to getting affected by diseases also increases. Plus, it is the viral infections such as common cold and flu which might add further to your discomfort. We agree that these infections are not very harmful to some; however, they can
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Setting Up Your Own Medical Practice? You’ll Need This Post!

There’s something amazing about having a lightbulb moment for a business idea. When you make the monumental decision to start your own medical practice, you’re about to wade out of the pan and into the fire - you’re striking out on your own, and it’s a big deal. It takes years of training to get the credentials and board certification to be a respected and experienced doctor, but that doesn't
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Some postoperative nursing recommendations after laser hair removal surgery

Although laser hair removal is relatively simple and there will be no wound, after laser hair removal, we still need to pay attention to some nursing points, so as not to affect the effect. Here, I want to give you some advice about nursing after use the hair removal machine. 1, clean the skin with low temperature water. On the same day after laser hair removal, skin should be cleaned
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Religare Health Insurance: Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Health Insurance Policies

Not everyone finds it easy to comprehend or understand all the terms and conditions that are specified in an insurance policy. While most of them rely on insurance staff for making decisions, others follow their friends or trusted allies to purchase an insurance policy. You also have people who do neither of this, but, buy, a policy that is good enough to help them save taxes. But health insurance is
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Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is an easily accessible, legal substance and because of this, the fact that it is of high risk for being abused is often overlooked. Also, because so many people consume alcohol, in moderation, on a recreational basis, many don't realize that they or someone they love has a drinking problem. Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in the world. An alcoholic is defined as someone who has
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Richmond Mommy Makeover- The Latest in Cosmetic Surgery

Mommy makeover is the newest fad in cosmetic surgery. It intends to boost a woman’s confidence through rejuvenation of physical appearance, repairing damaged muscles and skins incurred in the course of pregnancy or childbirth. The trend of Mommy Makeover has got popular off late. In this piece of writing, we pen down some of the essential points that you need to know about this trending fad in cosmetic surgery. With
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Medical Conditions That Are Eligible for Veterans Disability Compensation Claims

When you have illnesses or injuries that started or got worse during the time when you were serving in the military, then you are eligible for Veterans disability compensation. The Following Conditions Apply: • You got injured or sick while serving in the military and your health condition can be linked to the time you served in the military. • You had an injury or illness prior to joining the