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Robb Misso, An Award-Winning CEO, Describes the Theories of Employee Motivation

What motivates an employee to do their best work? Is it more money, more fringe benefits, the promise of a promotion? The topic of employee motivation has been studied for nearly a century, and the answer to the question is that all of the above can be great motivators, but alone they aren't usually enough to encourage employees to become loyal, committed workers who contribute to the success of their
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Eye on the Sky: Toronto’s Sam Mizrahi Builds Tallest Tower in Canada

It’s pretty hard not to be in awe when you’re standing on a city street corner and look up to see a towering building seemingly touching the clouds. Like any notable skyscraper, when completed, Sam Mizrahi’s The One in downtown Toronto will likely rank with other architectural buildings holding the same wonderment. Currently, the Toronto skyline is home to one of the world’s tallest and most striking structures, the CN
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From Barbados to Winnipeg: Entrepreneur Tom Haughton Comes Home to Join Real Estate Company

As a career businessman and entrepreneur, Tom Haughton has learned how to foster a strong sense of loyalty and community with his staff and clients. And those are only a couple of the basic business tenets that have led to his success in various industries.Tom Haughton is currently the vice president of My Place Realty, a Winnipeg-based property management firm providing rental units and property management services throughout the city.
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Interviews: Cyber Security Pioneer Thierry LeVasseur Talks About New Threats to Cyber Safety

Cyber-attacks are at an all-time high and don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon; just in the last month, security breaches have affected 1 billion people. 25-year veteran of the cyber security industry Thierry LeVasseur, a pioneer in the world of digital technology and email security, explains why security measures are now more important than ever before.Q. You’ve talked extensively about email security, but recently, more data has become
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Sakshi Talwar — How did you start Rugs and Beyond?

I had always dreamt of starting something of my own and was smitten by the entrepreneurship bug from an early start. After my MBA from the U.S, I worked with a finance company in New York and was stuck in a 9 to 5pm cubicle till I realized that I’m not cut out for this rattle. I pursued a stint in Interior Design from Parsons, which was an experience in
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Lela Star: Q & A With Adult Porn Star and Self-Proclaimed Pornpreneur

While she’s been on the scene since 2006, Lela Star porn has responded to all the changes in the market with impressive plasticity. Being a porn star sure isn’t what it used to be. Where there was once a time that almost all exposure for porn stars was held within the borders of quality video, big budget production, and a (sometimes stiff) pre-written script. With the popularity and accessibility of
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Who Is She! Turkish-American Actress, Jandae Percem Turning Heads In “Entity Project”

If you think beauty and brains can’t coexist, you are wrong. We want to introduce you to a woman who has a lot of both. Her name is Jandae Percem, she is a Turkish-American actress, director, producer, model, and mom! Yes, you heard it right. If you look at her photos we can avoid any explanation regarding her beauty, but you should know that this powerful woman founded her own

Argentine Triple Threat! Carolina Levi Read To Take America By Storm

Known for being the home of the tango, Manu Ginobili and Lionel Messi, Argentina is quickly becoming a hub for some of the hottest and most talented entertainers in the industry today. Could Argentine triple-threat Carolina Levi be it's next star? Levi, an Argentinian actress, model and comedienne that we have seen in many TV and film projects, starred in the Electrick Jukebox commercial with Robbie Williams, on the Argentinian
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Interviews and Features: Q and A With NBA & NFL Analysis Founder, Evan Massey

Blogging. It is the new journalism in The Age of Social Media. Whether we are old school and prefer to read a traditional daily newspaper such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe or the Chicago Tribune or if you’re a modern-day Millennial who prefers to get their daily content from places such as The Huffington Post, Yahoo! or Google, blogging—and journalism as a whole—is completely and forever
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WHOOP Podcast: Former NBA Commissioner David Stern talks kneeling during national anthem, Michael Jordan, cannabis and more!

The WHOOP Podcast, an all-new human performance podcast hosted by Harvard alumni and founder of Whoop, Will Ahmed has just premiered on Spotify and Stitcher. Listeners can tune in to Will’s conversation with former NBA commissioner David Stern about the NBA and NFL’s controversial suspensions for kneeling during the national anthem, the legalization of gambling in sports and more. Additional segment topics from today’s premiere episode are included below. New