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On The Rise! Q and A With Actress and Humanitarian, Keturah Hamilton

As the pandemic hit emergency levels, we heard different stories about the toll it took emotional and physically on our fellow humans. We want to share the latest interview of actress and humanitarian, Keturah Hamilton   When did you know about the pandemic? I was visiting my home country Jamaica for a little pleasure, but mainly business. The second to third day I think, I woke up and heard it
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Interviews and Features: Who is David Nicolas Albanese?

David Nicolas Albanese is a not only a real estate businessman but also turned as cannabis representative he got fame because of his series of businesses that belongs to different fields of life. He has been making different open doors in both the clinical and recreational cannabis industry for his company named High Farms. The company helps the producers of cannabis to produce their own business and profit by the
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Entertainment: Peanskean Tha Riddler talks meeting Vigilante

During the time Vigilante spent as a background actor, before getting speaking roles one of his favorite sets to work on was The Yard. The Yard was casted by the #1 Black casting company Cab Casting. A huge part of his career was building his relationship with Cab and he did this during the filming of The Yard and Step Sisters, which happened to be filming at the exact same
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Interviews and Features: The value of honesty according to Juank Cortavarría

In recent times, we have seen a real change in the way we live as a result of the current pandemic. This has allowed us to appreciate the value of many things that we may not have seen before, including honesty and knowing who we can count on in difficult times. Juank Cortavarría tells how the value of honesty and respect have made his life turn 180 degrees for good.
Martina Vismara
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Martina Vismara, an inspo for women to stay bold and beyond

“And so be bold, be bold for you; be bold for women far from view. Be brave and real; contrive to feel the rightness there” These lines taken from the poem "Woman, Be Bold" signifies the fact that every woman in this world has the right to live with boldness. Typically, boldness can be defined as per people's perception, which means its definition varies from person to person. Dictionary says
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On The Rise: Billy Arora, Equestrian Turned High Fashion Model

Creativity has no boundaries and rules, and modeling is creativity. It is also a part of business, so demand and supply need certain pulls and push.  Models used to be tall, historically. Especially if a designer is designing longer garments, he or she must require a model with good height. Tallest models are preferred worldwide as they could easily carry different dresses. But, a short heightened model could also work
Photo: Joshua Monesson
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How to Use Your Erotic Capital: Q & A With ‘Sugar Crush’ Author, Model & Entrepreneur, Raquel Baldelomar

Do looks matter? One would think that in the middle of a global pandemic such as COVID-19 that has killed 13.3 million worldwide, protests over systemic racism and the growing mask vs. anti-mask culture war that looks would be the LAST thing that anyone would think about. However, even now, they still do. In the Age of Social Media, look no further than platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat
Photo: David Lyons
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2020 Sundance Film Festival: Q and A With ‘Crip Camp’ Sound Supervisor, Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach

PARK CITY, UT -- In a festival that was considered by many to be one of the best ever in recent years and notable A-list celebrities such as Taylor Swift and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton invading this picturesque mountain resort town tucked deep in the Wasatch Mountains, the film that was on the lips of all at Sundance Film Festival 2020 was the Barack and Michelle Obama executive-produced Netflix
Thirty Minute Mentors Podcast by Adam Mendler
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Learn Success From the Best with the 30 Minute Mentors Podcast

Forbes contributor Adam Mendler brings you the best mentors in his podcast Thirty Minute Mentors. Here's the scoop about his hit podcast. 1.) Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got to be so successful today? I was fortunate to grow up in a great environment with many highly positive influences - from my parents to mentors to friends of all ages. I credit my
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Edward Shatverov’s Positive Impact On The E-Commerce Industry

Edward Shatverov, an American E-commerce entrepreneur, is reaching new heights in the E-commerce industry. This entrepreneur is the name behind the success of many big businesses with seven-figure earnings. Edward Mentors Emerging Entrepreneurs In addition to establishing his own online businesses, Edward Shatverov is also mentoring many emerging entrepreneurs in establishing their online businesses. With his determination and hard work, Edward Shatverov has achieved several milestones in the entrepreneurial world