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Interviews: Melanie Chandra Ready To Breakout In ‘Code Black’ This Fall

While many may not know her by face or name, there is a new and up-coming actress to watch this fall TV season, Melanie Chandra. Most recently staring as Farreda in HBO’s comedy series The Brink, starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins about the long-standing tension between India and Pakistan, the 29-year-old native of suburban Chicago and Stanford alum can currently be seen alongside Marcia Gay Harden (Fifty Shades of
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Interviews/Features : INSCMagazine’s Round-Table Discussion On Sepp Blatter And The State Of FIFA

Due to the recent decision of newly reelected FIFA president Sepp Blatter to a fifth straight term, the world of soccer was further turned upside when the 79-year-old decided to resign, reportedly under pressure from an ongoing investigation by the FBI, sponsors and internal pressure from within. While the real reason for Blatter’s about-face over the last 72 hours will never truly be answered, many questions about the future of
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Interviews and Features: “The Redemption Of The King” Author Vince McKee Talks LeBron, MMA and Cleveland Sports

Thanks to the Hollywood-script worthy return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the team being two wins away from a return to the NBA Finals, the Cleveland sports scene is once again the place to be, with fans showing their support full-throttle. [caption id="attachment_40935" align="alignleft" width="224"] A must-have for sports fans alike, The Redemption of the King is a slam dunk![/caption] One such fan is 33-year-old Cleveland native
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Interviews and Features: ESPN’s Chris Broussard Reaches Out To Young Men Seeking To Change Lives Through K.I.N.G.

[caption id="attachment_32605" align="aligncenter" width="400" class=" "] Chris Broussard- Courtesy of Wade-O Radio[/caption]   CLEVELAND -- Chris Broussard is best known for his career at ESPN as a NBA analyst. However, he has another career that many people probably don't know about. Broussard founded a movement known as K.I.N.G. which stands for knowledge, inspiration, and nurture through God. It is a non-denominational movement that stresses the importance of upholding biblical standards. During the advent
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Interview and Features: NPC Competitor, Philita Wheeler Talks Fitness

Over the last week I was lucky enough to have a few great conversations with Philita Wheeler, a top ten finalist at the 2013 Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Championships and fifth place winner at the 2013 NPC Kentucky Muscle Figure competition and Clean Science sponsored athlete. During this time not only did I learn that she is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever had the pleasure
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Interviews and Features: One on One With House of Cards’ Rachel Brosnahan

Thanks to her breakout role as Washington D.C. call-girl, Rachel Posner in Netflix’s critically-acclaimed political thriller series, House of Cards, 23-year-old Milwaukee-born and Chicago-area native, Rachel Brosnahan is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising talents. With past roles in The Unborn, Beautiful Creatures and The Blacklist, Brosnahan—set to appear in the new ABC series, Black Box—starring Kelly Reilly (Flight, Sherlock Holmes), is set to take the next step into being recognized
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Local Cleveland Author Promotes Stranger Danger Awareness

[caption id="attachment_21984" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Courtesy of www.theblackcadillac.com[/caption] The subject of child abduction and stranger danger has always been something close to my heart. When I was in fifth grade while heading to school in Lakewood, OH, a man in a long black car offered me a ride to school. Had I hopped in that car, I probably wouldn't be here today. It was that memorable event that sparked my best-selling novel,
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Cleveland Browns: A Conversation with Jason Pinkston

When I met Cleveland Browns left guard, Jason Pinkston a couple of years ago, I saw a humble man that was ready to embrace the NFL and his new team. Drafted in the fifth round in 2011, Pinkston was a star at the University of Pittsburgh and was considered one of the best offensive linemen in the senior class of 2010. The Browns stole him with the 150th overall pick.
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Cleveland Browns: The Big Wally Story

What is the definition of a super fan? Is it dressing up in a costume, painting your face, and then cheering on your team? Or is it being a walking football encyclopedia that is more passionate about a team and the game than life itself? Cleveland Browns fans, I'd like you to meet Walter "Big Wally" Pavicic. Every single day, we read articles about the players we root for and hold dear to
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Inscriber Exclusive: Theo Fleury Discusses the Victor Walk, Hockey Career

Tomorrow former NHL great Theo Fleury will march in the Victor Walk onto the steps of Parliament tomorrow on behalf of his charity, to raise awareness for childhood sexual abuse. Back in January The Inscriber Digital Magazine had the chance to sit down with Theo Fleury and discuss his participation in the Victor Walk and his time in the NHL. Fleury talks about the Victor Walk and why it is important to Canada and himself.  He also discusses how