Bad boys.

Every woman wants to tame one, every “nice guy” secretly wants to be one. Whether it is his I-don’t-give-a-f*<k attitude, unavailability, black leather jacket or endless amount of tattoos, there is just something irresistible about one.

While the stereotypical bad boy is often portrayed as a loner who drinks, smokes and rides a motorcycle, they come in all shapes, looks and colors. You may find one in a bar, club or gym, or even online prowling the dating scene, but make no mistake, you know one when you see him.

For men, we all have a little bit of bad boy inside of us, wanting to do bad things and date the almost unattainable “The One” , be both unavailable and yet ready to get down in the sheets with that Insta-hottie you’ve been spitting game to in the DM’s.

We all have it in us, want to be one and secretly long for that vibe of being “that guy”

Even in the world of modeling, bad boys are always in demand due to their edgy, dark and mysterious pasts and brooding handsome looks that’ll drop even the prudest sorority girl’s panties faster than you can say..”Hey ;)”

Thanks to his combination of hunky looks, defined muscle and oh-so innocent looks, Wisconsin-born male fashion model, Dillan Wickland may be the newest bad boy on the modeling circuit. Currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and studying occupational safety, the 21-year-old Wicklund, has already worked for big campaigns such as Calvin Klein.

A member of the U.S. Army Reserves as well as a college intern, Wicklund is set to become one of the hottest new faces in male fashion thanks to signing with West Haven and FS Agency. Like all Sconie’s, Wicklund lives and breathes Badger red and white on Saturday’s and Packer green and gold on Sunday’s and all things from the Windy City and ‘Sota.

Below is my Man Up! Q and A with Dillan as we talk modeling, football, being a cheesehead and why the Vikings and Bears suck!


Man Up!

Name: Dillan Wicklund

Age: 21

Height: 5’11

Weight: 175 pounds

Social Media Links:  Instagram: @djdflex  | Agency Website:

Publications/Media: Dillan Wicklund by Edgar Torres – Calvin Klein underwear | Men and underwear

How long have you been in modeling? I started in January of 2018 when I signed with my manager, Mike McMullen.

What’s it like to be a male fashion model? It is a very diverse field. I am very fortunate I have shot with great photographers all over Wisconsin and Illinois. I have to balance my internship which is 40 hours per week, working out and being in the US Army Reserves. Time management is key

Congrats on signing with West Haven and FS Agency, how thrilled are you to be with two reputable modeling agencies? I am humbled and honored to have done that. I give credit to my manager building these relations. Hard work pays off but I am never satisfied and always want more.

You’re currently studying occupational safety how does that go together with your current male modeling career? I think being diverse is key in your career. I can do modeling when I have time and a career as well If modeling takes off like it has then I would consider doing it full time. 

Any of your friends give you grief over being one? Yes and no. I really don’t care what they think. They are all jealous. I just take it with a grain of salt and keep moving forward. I know who my true friends are!

What fashion tips and trends can you drop for your fellow brothers out there? Great question. It is a very trendy business. each part of the country is different. Tips would be take care of your body, Work out daily and take care of your skin. Be yourself, don’t comprise your values and have standards. The trends can change weekly, monthly. Just be open minded and go with the flow.  Be different and stand out and try and new design.

How do you step up your game in dating? I don’t need to step up my dating game. I have high standards and if someone can’t meet them then I don’t bother with them. Either you have the beliefs I do or next move on.

Blonde, brunette or redhead? All of the above!

Best pick-up line to use on a woman? I have several but a few that work are” I have some tattoos and let me show you :). I am in the army and let’s go play soldier. 

Describe your perfect woman? I have standards. You best love fitness, being in shape, good food, Packer football and sports in general. Gotta have the best eyes, a cute ass and funny. If you don’t then move on. She is out there and I will find her!

Thoughts on the growth of modeling on IG? I could write a book on this. To many insta models. They care about how many likes they have and how many followers. Bullshit, post, and tag daily are key.  It has changed the business. Managers and agencies look for the best and most promising on IG. But you must stand out and be rare and the best. Posting a dam every day is crazy. Insta models get nowhere. Get with a real agency and management!

So..word on the street is that you’re a Sconie? Since you’re a Badger, who do you HATE more, Ohio State, Michigan or Minnesota? Badger Football all the way! OSU and Michigan. Overrated and coaches are egomaniacs. Look at Coach Chryst a low guy and class act, unlike Harbaugh and Meyer!

Badger G.O.A.T. J.J. Watt or Melvin Gordon? Melvin is the Man!

Lambeau Leap or Jump Around? Jump Around!

Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers, who is the Packers all-time QB GOAT? Brett Favre

As a Packers fan, which fan base is more annoying, Minnesota or Chicago? Chicago, Dabears suck!

Who do you HATE more, Vikings or Bears?  Both are and both suck!

Any tips or advice you have for those looking to get into modeling? Have goals and an action plan! Demand things from agency and manager. Get good agencies to work with and management! Don’t let agencies take advantage of you! Ask questions and don’t deal with bull shit. Find agencies that share your values and get good management! Ask the tough questions and get someone who has been in the business awhile. 

Get your ass in the gym and when that shirt comes off you better have that 8 pack and that body that pops. If not don’t bother. Looks matter and your body matters as well. Either you have it or you don’t. Stay in shape 365 24/7. When they call you best be ready!

Special thanks to Dillan Wicklund and Mike McMullen for their assistance during this Man Up! column

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