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Monday Morning Michelle: What do you think about Brock Turner’s sentence?

Dear Michelle, Could not but help but see all the chatter on Twitter and especially your Timeline with regard to what in my opinion is a lenient sentence for the Stanford student, Brock Turner, who got sentenced to just six-months for sexual assault.  What do you think is the real reason behind the judge’s lenient sentence? – Curious George Hi George, It’s very difficult to understand all that went into
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Monday Morning Michelle: Drama Triangles In Domestic Violence

Dear Michelle: Is there ever a time when its okay to help the abuser in a domestic violence relationship or should people shun the abuser and only focus their efforts on helping the alleged victim? -Clueless in Seattle Dear Clueless, Never one to take things at face value, I try to gather facts from all parties involved when there appears to be a dramatic event whether that event is being
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Monday Morning Michelle: Is it okay to have a ‘whites only’ dating site?

Dear Michelle: Have you heard the latest?  There's a whole lot of hub bub about a dating site that's for whites only.  I'm not sure there is anything wrong with that considering that blacks have no problem segregating magazines, dating sites, and various other things for blacks only.  Why would anyone have a problem with a 'whites only' site?  DO you think it's unfair?  - Sick of Reverse Racism Dear
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Monday Morning Michelle: Why would a woman support Donald Trump?

Dear Michelle, What role do you see women playing in the upcoming presidential election?  Should a woman in her right mind get behind Donald Trump? Or should they stand behind one of their own?  - Signed JustAGirl Dear JAG, Thanks so much for taking the time to ask my thoughts on what role women will play in the upcoming presidential election.  In answer to that question, I will say I
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Monday Morning Michelle: Should Apple help in the fight against terror?

Dear Michelle, I am very concerned about national security and I am wondering if you think tech companies, such as Apple, should be permitted to create "warrant-free spaces" that allow terrorists to have protection? The right to privacy is one that seems to be slowly eroding.  In my opinion, it's quite scary that a person's personal information is so readily available.  Yet, when it comes to national security I am
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Monday Morning Michelle: Parents Torn Over Schooling

Dear Michelle, My son is about to enter kindergarten and I am talking with my husband about where he should attend school.  My husband went to a Christian school and he believes that this would be the best route for us to send our son.  I, on the other hand, went to a public school and think that might be a better choice.  My reasons have to do with overall
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Monday Morning Michelle: Should I speak up if my friend’s boyfriend is abusive?

Dear Michelle, My friend is engaged to be married and it's really hard for me to sit back and watch it all happen without speaking up.  I'm confused and unsure of what I should do.  He's just not the guy she thinks he is but I'm afraid if I say something it will ruin our friendship.  What do you think I should do? I can totally relate to what it's
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Monday Morning Michelle: Dear Michelle, I Think My Friend Has HIV…

Dear Michelle, Recently I ran into a friend of mine from high school.  He looks terrible.  He was always thin but he's beyond thin now.   He speaks about pain in his foot and describes symptoms that I'm convinced might be consistent with HIV /AIDS.  I was close to his family and I'm wondering if I should say anything. - Just a friend  Dear Just, I'm sorry your friend seems
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Monday Morning Michelle: Would You Let Your Child Play Football?

Dear Michelle, I happened to tune in to Sixty Minutes last night and noticed the NFL commissioner talking about concussion related injuries.  I know you have talked a lot about brain trauma and how it might be connected to violent crime.  Do you think there is reason enough to ban the sport and never let your child play American football? - Concerned Citizen  Dear Concerned: I also had a chance
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Monday Morning Michelle: Dear ‘Disgusted Cowboys’ fan’

Dear Michelle, Did you see those photos of Greg Hardy's girlfriend?  How can the Cowboys keep him on the team?  How can the NFL continue to disrespect women by not making a stand that is anything other than lip service? It's disgusting.  How can you still root for the team knowing it has no respect for women? - Disgusted Cowboys' fan Dear Disgusted, Last night I happened to notice that