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Monday Morning Michelle: Dear Michelle, I Think My Friend Has HIV…

Dear Michelle, Recently I ran into a friend of mine from high school.  He looks terrible.  He was always thin but he's beyond thin now.   He speaks about pain in his foot and describes symptoms that I'm convinced might be consistent with HIV /AIDS.  I was close to his family and I'm wondering if I should say anything. - Just a friend  Dear Just, I'm sorry your friend seems
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Kick Back, Relax, and Legalize Marijuana

Public support for legalizing marijuana has gained traction and for the first time in the history of the United States. In the latest nationwide survey of 1,501 people polled in mid-March about the subject 52 percent of those surveyed favored making weed legal, and 72% said that efforts to enforce anti-marijuana laws bring more cost than benefit. Medical marijuana available through prescription only gets used to treat a variety of disorders including the loss of appetite,
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Dentist’s Patients Test Positive for Hepatitis

Dr. Scott Harrington, a Tulsa oral surgeon is accused of using improper sterilization techniques that may have exposed his patients to blood-borne viruses. Health officials so far have screened 3,122 people who underwent oral surgery procedures at clinics at a Oklahoma oral surgery practice. The practice is now closed due to health concerns. Blood tests conducted on patients show that 57 have Hepatitis C, three have Hepatitis B and as