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Match Fixing Scandal To Rock Football World

Another day, another dollar the saying goes. Or a lot of dollars. If you are one of the 425 reported match officials, club officials, players, or criminal according to Europol who accepted bribes or placed bets to fix a football match, then a lot of money has been coming your way. According to Europol, over 10 million euros (~$13.6 million) have already been uncovered, and according to German investigator Friedhelm
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Earl Weaver, Stan Musial: Two Legends Pass Away

On Saturday, January 19th, 2013, baseball legends Earl Weaver and Stan Musial passed away. Earl Weaver, 82, was a Hall of Fame manager for the Baltimore Orioles. He led the squad to a .583 winning percentage over seventeen years including a World Series in 1970. Weaver was a steam kettle waiting to let his steam out, as he was ejected from 91 games over his managerial career. "Earl Weaver stands alone